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Why hire a worktop installer?

Worktops are an important component of a kitchen, as it is the platform where you prepare your food and where all of your daily activities take place. While the worktop can be made of various materials, there really is nothing better than natural stone worktops which offer elegance to any kitchen. The best thing about natural stone worktops is that they are available in various sizes, designs and colours so that each homeowner can choose which one suits them best.

Install natural stone worktop

If you want to buy a worktop made of natural stone, you will have to consider not only the quality of the stone itself but also the quality of the installation. Installing a countertop is not something you can do yourself within an hour. Even if you are an experienced craftsman, you cannot do it alone. So you need a skilled team to get this job done.

Installing a natural stone worktop must be done professionally

It is very important that the installation of a countertop is done professionally. We may offer countertopstabletopsbathroom tops and window sills for a very reasonable price, but it is an eternal shame if one or more stones fall during installation. In addition, you will then have to wait a few weeks before continuing again. In short, a very unfortunate situation.

However, it is also a very real situation when you consider how heavy granitecomposite and other stone countertops are. A one-meter long kitchen worktop weighs approximately 50 kilograms. And since a countertop is usually a few meters long, you should quickly think of a few hundred kilos of stones.

Natural stone is not indestructible

What you also have to take into account is that natural stone, regardless of the extreme resistance of stones such as ceramics, is not indestructible. If you drop a kitchen plate on the floor, there is a chance that a crack will be visible or, even worse, it will break in the middle.

In addition, it is not exceptional if the kitchen worktops already have several irregularities before they are used for the first time. This can be caused, for example, by irresponsibly moving the heavy stones or incorrectly mounting the worktops. So the conclusion is; leave it to the professional.

How much does it cost to install my worktop?

If you request a quote from us for the supply of a countertop, the costs for installing it are not included. We leave the choice to you whether you want to use this service. However, if you would like to know more about having your worktops installed, please contact our customer service.

When you choose to use our installation service, you really get value for money. Our team consists only of experienced and skilled professionals who have been installing kitchen worktops and other natural stone surfaces day in and day out for years, neatly and without residue. We, therefore, do not opt ​​for cheap temporary workers who have the will but not the knowledge and experience. This way we save you a lot of trouble.

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