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First time looking for a Window Fitter and not sure where to start? Tell us about your project and we’ll send you a list of Window Fitters to review. There’s no pressure to hire, so you can compare profiles, read previous reviews and ask for more information before you make your decision.

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Why Hire A Window Fitter?

Hiring a Window Fitter is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to improve the aesthetic appeal and value of your home.  A professional can help you determine what style will work best with your property, as well as assist in finding the right focal point for each room. A custom design that provides excellent UV protection can enhance both comfort and curb appeal while also adding significant resale value!

How Much Does It Cost To Fit Windows?

The cost of hiring a Window Fitter varies depending on several factors including project size, complexity, and your location. The average homeowner spends £4.72 per square foot on a new installation. In addition to this base rate, extras such as leaded glass or custom components may add to the price. If you want to purchase new windows, the average cost of a single window is £145.

If You're A Window Fitter, Let Us Know!

Are you a local Window Fitter? If so we would love if you shared some background information about your business with our readers (address opened, years in business, specialties) and any pricing information that may be relevant for people looking for a Window Fitter near me!  You can also add pictures from projects completed. This will help give potential customers confidence that they are hiring the right person or company to do their job.

Five Reasons to Hire a Window Fitter

  1. Need new windows in
  2. your home? A professional from a local Window Fitter can help with everything from installation to custom designs.  Here are five benefits of hiring a pro:
  3. 1) Time Saving and Cost Savings – It's faster and more cost effective to work with an experienced Window Fitter than it is to build or purchase windows yourself. The average homeowner spends \$4.72 per square foot on a new window installation, which includes the window itself plus any additional work such as framing, siding, flashing, carpentry, etc.
  4. 2) Professional Quality – Hiring someone who has years of experience means you get a quality job that will last for decades. With proper care they can last even longer! When you use outdated techniques like wooded frames the window will likely need to be replaced again in just a few short years.
  5. 3) Know What You Are Working With – Some materials may not fit the style and design of your home unless you are well versed with what works best for certain properties. A professional Window Fitter can offer guidance on everything from optimal placement of windows to frame colour, depending on factors like time of year and weather conditions.

How to Hire A Window Fitter

There are plenty of Window Fitters to choose from. If you don't know anyone who you can hire, start asking around for referrals!  This is a great way to find someone who has built their reputation by providing excellent service over time.  Consider calling the Better Business Bureau as well since they will have reviews about certain companies and individuals that may be listed there.

Do Your Research online: Once you have narrowed down a list of potential Window Fitters it's important to do your research so you end up with the best one! Look at their website to get an idea of their current projects, what previous clients say about them, and if they offer any services that would work in conjunction with yours (i.e. if you are hiring them to install new windows, see if they do siding work as well). You can also find reviews from previous customers on sites like HomeAdvisor and Angie's List.

If you have any friends in the area that can refer someone that has done a great job for them, then ask them! For example, maybe your cousin had their basement finished and used companies near me local window fitters, maybe they could give you names of companies that did excellent jobs for them.  

Glass Fitters Near Me

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Local Window Fitters Near Me

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