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Window cleaners, also known as glass cleaners or glaziers, are tradesmen who work on the outside and inside of buildings to remove dirt, soot, grime and smears from windows and other transparent surfaces. Window cleaners often specialize in residential or commercial cleaning, but many do both types of work.

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Why Hire a Window Cleaner?

A window cleaner should be hired for many reasons. Window cleaning is not just simply washing windows, rather it’s about using the right materials and techniques to ensure that every home they clean looks beautiful. The experts at Bark have created some helpful guides below which will help you make the most of your next window cleaning experience and learn more about how to hire a window cleaner.

Five reasons to hire a window cleaner

1. Eliminate dirt and grime from windows

2. Protect your investment by keeping the outside of your home looking great!

3. Keep inside air clean and fresh with a sparkling window view; let in more sunlight while cutting glare at the same time!

4. Add value to your property by ensuring that it looks its best from the outside!

5. Have peace of mind knowing you are receiving quality service for a fair price every time a window cleaner comes to wash windows in your home or business (with family)

Tips on hiring a Window Cleaner: The experts at Bark have created some helpful guides below which will help you make the most of your next window cleaning experience and learn more about how to hire a window cleaner

What Type of Cleaner do I Need?

There are two different kinds of window cleaners: Commercial Window Cleaners (often called office window cleaners) focus on providing their services to businesses while Residential Window Cleaners (usually just called home window cleaners) specialize in working in private residences. Since these are essentially two different professions, they will use very different tools. Residence window cleaners generally have fewer options when it comes to the type.

How to Hire a window cleaner

Residential Window Cleaners and Commercial Window Cleaner Tools:

Equipment For Commercial Window Cleaners

• Ladder  – Runs in a pair, one for the top and another for the bottom. This is often fully adjustable. Some are extendable to ensure that the cleaners can reach as high as required. It's also important to get a ladder that will stay put when someone stands on it so it doesn't move around while they're cleaning your windows!

• Water Hose and Water Unit – The hose connects to either a water unit (an outdoor sink) or directly to a water source such as an internal tap which can then be connected to a window cleaning machine.

How much does it cost to hire a window cleaner?

The average cost for residential window cleaning is $140.00 per home, depending on the number of windows and other factors listed below in “how much does it cost to clean a window?” Factors like; How much square footage do I have? What kind of finish do my windows have (single glazed, double glazed, etc.) and how dirty are they? The size of your house may affect the price because more square footage means more time spent which costs extra money.

A typical residence has 15-20 small to medium-sized windows (2×3 feet or 2×4 feet) that will take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete (depending on the level/type of dirt on them). You can determine your own.

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