Do you have a special event coming up? Are you trying to piece together an information video with amateur videography knowledge? If so then you should consider hiring a videographer!

Today almost everyone has access to some form of a video camera, whether it is through their smartphone or digital camera. With such open access to video equipment, it is easy to assume that you can DIY. Even still, sometimes it is better to leave videography to the professionals. After all, a professional will make sure your videos are polished!

To help you decide the best events to hire a videographer for, we have organised a list of our top videography services. Read on to learn more!

Event Videography

Event videography can take many different forms. There are almost as many different types of videography as there are special occasions. Before we get carried away daydreaming about celebrations, here is a list of some of our most popular event videography services.

Birthday Celebrations

Is this year a big one for you or your loved one? Then why not hire a professional to capture the magic?

Birthday parties can be a big deal. Like other special occasions, when you are planning a birthday party you will need to organise the food, drinks and decor.

If you are going to put all that effort into a birthday party, why not hire a professional? They will be able to capture all those special moments you worked so hard to prepare for!

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Special Occasion Parties

Are you going to be hosting a housewarming, graduation, or New Year’s Eve party? Then again maybe you are hosting another type of party this year. No matter what the occasion, trying to plan the perfect party can be stressful.

You will be far more relaxed after all the guests have gone home. With a professional video you can relive all those memories when you can finally relax.

Corporate Parties

Organising a company party is a considerable challenge. Whether it is for the annual Christmas get-together or a gala, there are a lot of factors to consider!

Chances are after the company party is over, someone will want to see a video of it. If you don’t hire someone with quality videography skills you could risk the chance of having an amateur video recorded. This may end up being a problem if your company wants to use the video later for promotional purposes.

It is best to think ahead and make sure that every moment captured on film is polished with finesse.

Are you ready to hire a professional for your event? Click the button below to submit a free request for event videography bids. You’ll get custom, detailed bids from videographers in your area and budget.

Commercial Videography

Are you trying to film a commercial, explainer video or short film? A professional will have the experience to make sure that your project is the highest quality. So you can save yourself time and headaches!

Commercial or Advertisement Film Clips

Are you filming a commercial advertisement or another kind of promotion video? Hiring a professional with top-notch videography skills is the way to go.

No matter where your film will go, it is going to represent you and your company. This means that a shoddy commercial could detract from the respectability of your business. On the flip side, a tasteful commercial with a professional look will credit you!


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Short Film

An artistic short film is an excellent way to tell your story or your company’s. They can last anywhere between 15 seconds and 45 minutes.

When designing the script for your short film here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • You are sharing a story! No matter what your message is, it should follow a typical story line. To capture the audience’s attention, first set up your story with an introduction. Then, follow this with a conflict that the main character will overcome.
  • It is all about the visuals! So don’t get too chatty, you want to show your viewers your story not simply tell it.
  • Keep it brief to save on cost. Even a short piece will take time to properly shoot and edit. If you are trying to make sure your short film is cost effective then keep your script to the point.
  • Stay away from cliches. As fun as the odd cliche can be, they are often overused and can appear tacky. So it is best to stay away from these.

Now that you have designed your script it is time to film it. A professional will ensure that your short film is its own five-star feature!


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Explainer Video

It can be a lot easier to explain how your company works in person. However, reaching a wide audience in person can be a challenge. An explainer video solves this problem.

You can easily place an explainer video on your website. Then, once it is there you will be able to reach a larger audience. An explainer video on your site will also make information about your company more approachable and accessible.

In an explainer video, you directly address potential customers and describe your brand to them. So, it is absolutely necessary that your work is professional.

Training Video

Do the services or products your business offers require an explanation? A training video is an excellent way to teach your customers how to use your products. If you create a training video you will ensure that you can clearly explain your services or products.

Many companies also offer instructional training videos as their product. This could take the form of educational material or even a tutorial.

No matter what you are trying to teach your customer you will want to make sure your material looks professional and reliable!

If you’re looking for a commercial videographer, you can get free bids on Near Me. Click the button below to get started:


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Wedding Videography

There are plenty of opportunities at your wedding to capture memories on film. A wedding videographer will make sure you can relive your memories of the perfect wedding for years to come!

Here are some ideas about when a wedding videographer is useful to have at your wedding!

Wedding Rehearsal

It is easy to forget about all the memories and laughter you will share at the wedding rehearsal with such a big focus on the wedding day. A wedding rehearsal video will let you relive these memories long after the rehearsal and ceremony are over.

Besides, if a loved one is unable to come to the rehearsal a video could help them prepare for the big day!

Wedding Preparation

While preparing for your wedding you will doubtlessly be running around trying to coordinate everything. You will be focused on making sure that your caterer, decorator, and seating arrangements are all perfect. Prepping can be stressful, but it can also be fun! After all, you are planning a celebration of the love between you and your partner.

On the flip side maybe you are hosting a DIY wedding! In that case, wedding videos will help you capture all the fun you and your loved ones had while preparing the place for your wedding day!

Wedding Ceremony

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Wedding Ceremony

You will make countless memories during your wedding ceremony. All your loved ones will be present to celebrate the love you share with your partner.

Yet, you won’t be able to see everything. It is simply impossible to be everywhere at once! Quality wedding videography of your ceremony will make sure you get to see every memory as it is made.

A professional will also help ensure your memories are preserved in pristine condition. That way you won’t have to watch the ceremony through thumbprints because your video was filmed on your aunt or uncle’s smartphone!

Knowing a professional wedding video will be available will also reassure your loved ones. That way they won’t need to flash pictures in your face all throughout the ceremony.

If some of your loved ones can’t make it to the ceremony, a wedding film will also make sure they don’t miss a single memory!

Wedding Reception

Let’s get one thing straight. You put a lot of work into organising your wedding reception! From food to seating to decor you put your heart and soul into organising this celebration of your love.

During the reception, you are going to be busy enjoying every moment of it. Your loved ones will be busy celebrating too. Relying on a loved one to create a wedding film can be stressful for both of you.

So, it is simply best to hire a professional. That way everyone can relax while the professional captures your memories in high definition!

Plus with a wedding video, you will be able to enjoy every memory long after all the guests have left!

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