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Everybody has written at least one piece of copy in their lives. Copywriting can be used for marketing, advertising and sales purposes in both offline and online worlds. You might have written a resume for a job application, a brief description of your business on social media etc.

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website copywriting you wrote yourself because the person next to you asked you to do it as they don't know how to write an essay or how to make a good presentation?

You are not alone! Every day millions of people across the world try to get their message across by writing simple texts like these ones. The problem is that writing website copy requires some specific skills so most of us simply lack them – we use such short texts only on our websites and social media accounts, in emails or for similar purposes.

But what if you are asked to write a copy for the company website or another offline marketing purpose? What do you do then? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is obviously hiring a professional writer. But it's not as easy as it seems at first – how exactly do you find one? It's not like there is an agency directory with phone numbers of all available writers. You have to ask around until someone recommends someone else… It takes time and, even worse, your instructions can be misunderstood sometimes because the person who wrote them just doesn't have enough experience!

If this sounds familiar to you, don't despair. Here at, we have a solution for your problem!

First of all, you need to figure out what kind of copywriting you are looking for. If it's just a simple text that can be written by anyone, then there is no point in hiring an agency or professional writer for this purpose – you can simply write it yourself and save money. Just remember that not everyone is equally good at this kind of writing and the things you want to describe might require some new skills if yours will cover only the most common cases (basic grammar rules etc.). However, if you want a multimedia presentation from your website copywriter with video etc., it would be smart to hire someone who has such experience. For instance, if you need a copy for your eCommerce site, like a promotional piece describing some new product, website or service you offer etc. then a simple text will not be enough – in this case it would be much better to hire someone who has experience in writing for promotion.

But even if it’s just an online presentation and no video is involved, you still should pay attention to the educational background of the person to make sure they can produce effective work – if they are good at writing lyrics but not at marketing copywriting, their attempt might not give you the results that you want.

Benefits for website copywriting?


If you are wondering what is the benefit of hiring someone to write a copy for your website, there are quite a few:

– Professional writers will create unique content that your readers will love. They usually have enough experience to know what people want and how they should present things in order to get the desired response from them. This means that it would be much easier for you to attract customers with their words than doing it yourself or relying on generic information found on other websites etc. You can also save yourself some time thinking up ideas if anyone offers you unique and valuable content free of charge!

What kind of writing do we need?

Here's another question you might have – what kind of copywriting do we actually need? Well, there are different kinds of copywriting but they can be divided into two large groups: online or offline.

And the difference between these two groups is pretty big – however, most people do not know about it and hire a writer for an incorrect project (e.g., someone who has mastered press releases but not website copy). We have already mentioned that you need to pay attention to the person's education as well. If you want them to write some promotion-related stuff for business use, make sure they really are experienced in this field and have worked on similar projects in the past; if you just need writing that can be placed on your site and social media accounts then anyone should be able to handle this job with no problems!

– When you hire someone to write a copy for your website, they will know what works best with people and how to get them interested in the things that you are offering. They will also be able to help you edit your content so that it is more appealing. You may think that having an experienced writer with their vision would be a good thing but the truth is not everyone can do this well – the audience might like how things look yet never read beyond the headline!

The bottom line? Hire someone who knows exactly what kind of writing we need!

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