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Are you looking for search engine optimization or web development in your area? These days SEO and Web Development has become such a sought-after service that it is being offered by business owners, ad agencies, marketers and small businesses.

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Just so you know, there are lots of ways to make money online today where you can either start your own blog or website for free or use the services of companies like WordPress.com, Blogger.com and Google Adsense which could improve your earnings with very little effort on your part; although the earnings are not guaranteed it could be fun trying out new things while trying to make few dollars online.

To describe Web Development in an easy way – Web Development consists of steps starting from switching on your computer until delivering each project; if everything goes well and there are no issues then the same task could be completed within few hours, but don't forget that many times something does not work right out of the box and requires some tweaks here and there before finishing off. Another major issue could occur when making contact with web hosting providers for domains or web hosting. This could be a major headache that creates problems.

There are various technologies which you should learn to become an expert at Web Development like Java, Python, PHP and so on – each one of these technologies has their own set of advantages and disadvantages too. To describe them briefly:

– Java is considered as one of the most requested programming languages by employers; however, it is relatively slower than others and requires more space for storing data. It works well with operating systems like Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows XP; if you are thinking about making money online with this language then try contacting companies like Apple or Google . You can also get jobs working for government agencies where they develop software using Java technology [please don't quote me this, I am not very sure about this].

– Python is a multi-purpose programming language used to make web and desktop applications; it has great working efficiency in comparison to other languages with lesser codes required for completing the job. Moreover, developers using Python have less technical issues that might come in the way of their work. It is quite easy to use and faster than Java; hence, many startup companies prefer Python over Java every time.

Benefits of hiring web developers?


You might be wondering why you should go ahead and hire Web Developers for your projects rather than doing everything on your own. Well, to keep it short only a programmer could do the job like hiring web developers for WordPress development – they know every single code that is required to create something unique and extraordinary within a few hours.

The following are few reasons why you need this kind of support:

1) It saves time

2) Web Development with SEO – let's admit, we all want more traffic and page rankings in search engines right? Hiring professionals can help you improve the ranks of your website; moreover, if done correctly then no one could beat the quality of work you have created by yourself [that was my dream I am sorry].

3) Creating a website or blog is not that difficult; what could become hassle here is marketing and selling products online with an attractive design at the same time. Web Developers can help you in this part by providing you with quality content, advertising your brand on social networks and so many more other things which are required to make your e-shop successful online.

4) Web Development Tools – using web development tools like Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Microsoft Office 365, etc. makes job quite easier and even allows you to export projects as mobile apps for Apple iOS or Android OS [although there are some drawbacks but I won't go into that].

5) Webmasters do not have enough time to create something extraordinary from scratch; for example, creating Web Development Blogs like this one here is not that easy.

6) Getting a job done by professionals gives you leverage of quality in comparison to other websites on the Internet.

How much does it cost to hire web developers?

The cost of hiring web developers depend on various factors such as type of work or project, location and duration of contract; however if you want any kind of idea about charges then consider these two options:

1) Hourly rate – your average hourly web developer salary ranges between 25 and 65 per hour depending on industry experience; if you are hiring certified developers from companies like Fiverr or Odesk then be ready to pay less than expected [I am just making assumptions here].

2) Fixed price basis – this doesn't require you to pay hourly rate rather than fix an amount for a project that needs completion within certain time period; be prepared to spend 20K per month as annual salary for your web developers [this is a common norm].

How to get good Web Developers?

The main advantage of hiring python programmers (I know, I am talking about python instead of PHP) is availability; in case, you want to create something from scratch then you will have plenty of professional programmers ready to help out. However, if you are looking for some website design company  or those providing php development services then make sure the team consists of some experienced candidates who not only understand how they work but could do it faster than you ever imagined.

What else should I know about Web Developers?

Web developers start working on the project once they get a complete understanding of what is required to be done; moreover, they deliver results as per your requirements and expectations within the stipulated time limit – this rule goes for both hourly rate as well as a fixed-price basis. However, hiring professionally can increase costs by 10% or more because of additional charges like experience and skill [I am talking about those companies which are more reliable]. So if you are a startup company then try to find few free Python resources or use cloud IDE's (Integrated Development Environment) that help lot in saving money and time as well.


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