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linoleum is currently less popular than modern versions using more technical materials. However, the structural qualities of linoleum are the same and it is chosen according to the same principles.

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Synthetic or plastic-look floor coverings are on the rise. They present excellent technical performance combined with a particularly low call price. Lino and its derivatives are found in more and more rooms, in forms which most often imitate parquet or tiles.

Whether in a villa or apartment, under renovation or under construction, linoleum now knows how to be modern and satisfy the highest aesthetic desires, by eliminating any complicated maintenance. We therefore help you prepare your flooring project by offering you a general table of the price of linoleum.

Lino price by type

To estimate the cost of installing a lino in your specific situation, you usually only need to carefully measure the surfaces to be coated, and determine which type of lino appeals to you the most. It is therefore necessary above all to understand what a linoleum is and to sort out a subject abused by numerous abuses of language.

We don't know enough about it, but linoleum, the full name for linoleum, was invented in 1860 and has since conquered more and more market share. The product has had its ups and downs, but overall it has become a very common feature of modern homes, offering virtually no maintenance.

Classic linoleum, on the other hand, is currently less popular than modern versions using more technical materials. However, the structural qualities of linoleum are the same and it is chosen according to the same principles.

In terms of trampling quality, lino is the ideal intermediary between flexible (carpet) and rigid (parquet or tiling) coverings.

Classic linoleum price

Classic linoleum is therefore a particularly old floor covering that was originally made using burlap coated with linseed oil, cork and resin. Contrary to what we can sometimes read on the internet, the original lino does not use polyester, which was not invented until the 1940s, 80 years after lino.

Once dry, the whole formed a flexible coating, very resistant to water, flexible and comfortable to walk on and above all virtually indestructible. It was then a revolution in the face of wooden floors that we had to maintain and renovate regularly.

This type of lino is therefore an entirely natural coating that does not feature any synthetic element. Nowadays, however, lino has more and more recourse to modern materials (such as polyester) to improve its technical performance.

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