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The quality of installation of a window is very important, it is strongly recommended to call a professional. The cost of installation is less than the cost of the window.

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Window installation price: namely for the old one

There are different signs that thermal leaks are occurring and that it is high time to replace a window. The first alert is the appearance of moisture on the frames and on the edges. Moulds and fungi can also be distinguished and gradually develop.

Another sign: the tiles are cold and drafts can be felt near the window. In general, if you have trouble warming a room in winter and if, in the same room, the heat is oppressive in summer, then an insulation problem that may be due to deterioration or poor quality of the windows is to be expected. to consider.

Before considering the installation of new windows, it is imperative to take stock of the condition of the existing one to know the level of renovation to be carried out. If the window frame is in good condition, then a partial renovation is recommended. Only the glazing is then to be changed, for example by replacing single glazing with double glazing or triple glazing. However, if the frame is in poor condition, it is better to completely change the window. It will be more economical to fit a new window than to repair the old frame.

Installation of a window: preliminary diagnosis

For a new home, it is necessary to take stock with your architect, site manager or any other professional coordinating the work to ensure that the windows and their installation will allow the mandatory standards of the thermal regulations in force to be reached ( RT 2012). Think about ventilation and do not neglect the thermos effect (in other words the problem of over-insulation).

In the old, it is essential to have a technical diagnosis carried out. The Construction Quality Agency (AQC) underlines two particularly important points of this diagnosis: the first is ventilation. Poor ventilation generates problems related to humidity but also a feeling of thermal discomfort.

The AQC recommends asking the professional installing the windows if they have taken into account the risk of condensation. The second important point is the diagnosis of existing joinery. Indeed, depending on the condition of the latter, you will be faced with different window installation options, more or less expensive.

Why choose high-performance windows?

Replacing a window with a high-performance model guarantees a significant improvement in thermal comfort and a significant financial gain due to lower heating and air conditioning consumption. You should know that a window is chosen based on the orientation of the house, the desired brightness and the thermal criteria deemed necessary. It is an established fact: the total renovation allows better thermal and sound insulation.

Indeed, the openings alone represent 10 to 15% of heat loss. In addition to the heating savings generated by better thermal insulation, you will eliminate the phenomenon of cold walls on the windows. The experienced carpenter determines in a few moments, and sometimes using specific devices, whether the heat losses are occurring at the level of the glazing or if a sealing problem exists between the window and the wall or between the frame and the glazing.

Several types of window installation are possible. The professional will:

  • install a wall-mounted window
  • install a rebated window
  • install a tunnel window

Window installation price which weighs in the estimate

Different criteria can influence the budget of the installation of a window such as the cost of removing the old window, the aesthetics, the color and the finishes but the elements not to be neglected are the materials and the quality of assembly. . Indeed, the different types of glazing do not all offer the same performance in terms of insulation, brightness, ease of maintenance, safety, etc. The same is true for frames available in many more or less expensive materials: aluminum is often more expensive than wood and PVC. However, its resistance and longevity justify its price.

Also to be taken into account in the cost of a window: the more or less important dimensions, the standard or made-to-measure design and the prices charged by the manufacturer. If a craftsman is in charge of your project, you will need to add the cost of labor. A window is most often installed in a team, especially when the openings are large. 

Price of the installation of a window: installation and removal

  • The price for removing a window is between € 100 and € 200 including tax;
  • The installation price: fixed price per window is between 100 € and 350 €.

Price of window installation by material

  • The price of a wooden window (with installation) is 450 € to 800 € TTC;
  • The price of an aluminum window (with installation) varies from € 400 to € 900 including tax;
  • The price of a PVC window (with installation) is between 300 € and 650 € TTC;
  • The price of a mixed aluminium-wood window (with installation) is estimated between € 600 and € 1000 including tax.

Window prices according to their characteristics

  • The price of a double-glazed window (per m²) is evaluated between 100 € and 400 € including tax;
  • The price of a double-glazed window (with French opening) fluctuates between € 250 and € 400 including tax;
  • The price of a double-glazed window (installation of a pocket window, tilt-and-turn) ranges from € 300 to € 450 including tax and more;
  • The price of a roof window is between € 300 and € 800 including tax.

Price estimate for a window installation project

  • The average cost of a window replacement project varies between € 2,800 and € 4,100 including tax.

Do you need to hire a professional to install a window?

You can order your windows in standard or custom sizes from a manufacturer, a carpenter or a large DIY store. The temptation is then to install the new windows yourself, in order to save money. But then you will have to handle heavy and fragile materials. The risk of breakage and injury is not negligible.

The skilled carpenter RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) guarantees his work for several years and gives you access to after-sales service. In addition, its expert services make it possible to obtain a reduced VAT rate not only for labor but also for equipment and supplies.

Note: During renovation, if the owner buys his new windows himself, he will have to pay them full price, that is to say he will have to pay the amount excluding tax increased by VAT at the rate of 20 %.

Installing a window: aid and VAT

The VAT rate, in the event of work to improve the energy performance of a dwelling built for more than two years, is 5.5% if the windows installed meet certain thermal performance criteria and if the work is carried out by RGE professionals. For a lower level of performance, the intermediate VAT rate of 10% applies, always on condition that the property was built at least 2 years earlier. 

Changing your aging windows with windows compatible with the new environmental standards also entitles you to a number of aids, including:

  • MaPrimeRenov: new aid granted to all French households but the amount of which varies according to income;
  • zero rate loan (eco PTZ);
  • additional subsidies from the Anah (National Housing Improvement Agency);
  • subsidy of energy suppliers: eco-bonuses;
  • possible aid from local or regional authorities.

Most of these aids are cumulative and are granted upon completion of the work. 

How to put / install a new window?

In the context of a renovation, the existing leaf must be taken into account and ensure a perfect joint, for good impermeability to air, water and noise . For an optimal window installation, it is always better to entrust the installation to a professional. The installation problems are mostly responsible for the insulation problems in a home. Investing in double or triple glazed windows and skimping on installation is therefore counterproductive. In addition, the construction professional can check that the existing frames are strong enough to support the new window.

What is the best type of window installation?

If the old window frame (everything that is not movable, namely the frame for the window frame) is in good condition, it will be possible to reuse it. This technique is called a window installation “with conservation of the existing frame” . The professional in charge of the installation then comes to cover the frame with the new glazing. Advantage: no damage to the immediate environment of the bay. Disadvantage to be taken into account: a smaller glass surface and therefore less light. The risk of thermal bridging is very important if the frames do not fit perfectly.

Another renovation solution: install a double window on the existing window . This type of pose is also quite complex and does not deserve any approximation. Ademe recalls that “to implement this technique, the architecture of the building and the configuration of the rooms must allow it”.

When the window is too old to be doubled, and when architectural constraints arise, the professional carries out the complete replacement of the window . This solution provides maximum acoustic and thermal insulation. In addition, this type of window installation does not alter the light in any way. Still, this work is a little more expensive and more important than the change of window  with conservation of the frame.

How to install a window frame?

The installation of a window frame is a precise and technical operation that should be entrusted to a seasoned carpenter. It consists of taking measurements, dismantling the existing window (under renovation), repairing the frame turn, if necessary, setting the new window and fixing it, and finally sealing and insulating the new window. Note that a poorly jointed or poorly fitted frame, even when performing well, will have insulation defects. Always go through a pro for this type of work.

Where can I find a window installer?

To find a window installer, it is advisable to search near your home. Directory, word of mouth, network of artisans … There are many solutions available to you. Quickly find the best carpenters thanks to the directory. For each professional, you can consult a detailed presentation sheet with mention of experience and any qualifications.

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