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When it comes to home theatre devices, we must always consider that the main goal is to obtain the best sound and maximize the characteristics of each individual device.

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How to place the Soundbar: better above or below the TV?

Soundbars are usually mounted under TVs, but someone said rules are meant to be broken! In fact, placing the soundbar under the TV is not the only possible solution.

When it comes to home theatre devices, we must always consider that the main goal is to obtain the best sound and maximize the characteristics of each individual device.

So, should the soundbar be placed above or below the TV? The rule says that the soundbar should be placed at ear level, no matter if it is below or above the TV. In some cases, placing the soundbar on top of the TV is the best choice for higher sound quality.

Some were built specifically to be placed under the TV, others emit the sound so that it goes upwards.

The rule of installing the soundbar as close to the viewer's ear level as possible is a great place to start.

However, there are more advanced soundbars that require special placement and are more difficult to install.

In the next few lines, we will see how to make the best choice, in order to make the most of the characteristics of your equipment and enjoy superior quality sound.

When to mount a soundbar on top of the TV

As we have already mentioned, the soundbars must be mounted close to the line where the viewer's ear is.

Acoustics benefit greatly, but that's not always the case. There are obviously exceptions to this rule.

I'm talking about soundbars that mimic surround sound or have internal speakers that point upward.

First of all, let's see the classic soundbars.

Normal soundbars without upward speakers

Finding the perfect soundbar and TV placement usually requires a compromise. Both, in fact, should be installed at the same height, because the viewer's eyes and ears are on the same line.

Not to mention that the height of the TV has to do with our comfort: the neck of a viewer who watches an incorrectly positioned TV gets tired more easily.

Question: Have you ever tried to use your computer to watch Netflix or Youtube while lying on the sofa or bed? Did your cervicals like it? I really do not think so!🙂

How to do it then? We all want a perfect image accompanied by perfect sound. If it weren't, you wouldn't be on this site!

Here's the trade-off: many people choose to put the television a little above eye level and the soundbar a little below ear level.

However, there are setups where the reverse makes more sense, such as in a home theatre where the chairs or floor are tilted upward.

Placing the soundbar under the receiver is, therefore, an excellent solution, the most common, but there is a detail to pay attention to.

If the distance between the base of the cabinet where the TV is placed and the TV itself is very small, the soundbar may block the remote control signal! When you try to turn up the volume or change the channel and the TV is unresponsive it is quite annoying.

If you find yourself in this particular situation, then I recommend that you consider placing it above the TV. In addition to not obstructing the remote control signal, it could also be more aesthetically pleasing.

Soundbar with internal speakers pointing upwards

When considering something like a Dolby Atmos soundbar, there are a few elements that need to be considered. These are not ordinary soundbars.

Correct positioning within the room is essential. In fact, to make the most and create the surrounding effect they need reflective surfaces.

When a soundbar has speakers pointing upwards, it is important that these speakers are able to use the reflection of the ceiling to take full advantage of the ambient sound.

In this specific case, placing the soundbar under the TV will inhibit the ability of the sound to reach and bounce off the ceiling. Likewise, if the soundbar ends up too close to the ceiling, it can prevent the sound from reflecting properly.

If you are planning to buy a Dolby Atmos surround soundbar, you need to consider the location needs and not only the characteristics of your room.

The soundbar fits better under the TV (almost always)

After taking into consideration the different types of soundbars and the basic rules for installing them, it can be said that most of the time the soundbars are better placed under the TV.

In the case of particular soundbars there are exceptions, but just consult the specifications of the individual soundbar and you will find out in a few seconds if it needs a particular assembly.

When faced with the dilemma of choosing whether to place the soundbar at ear level or the television at eye level, the simplest and most effective choice is to place the television a little above eye level and the soundbar. a little below ear level.

Finally, wiring and installation must also be considered.

It is not always easy to get cables over the TV and above all to fix something above the TV. Often you need specific support unless you are lucky enough to have a shelf positioned just above the level of the TV.

If you're having trouble with cables, you can always connect the soundbar to your TV via Bluetooth.

Positioning the soundbar : the obstacles you can find

The cable sockets for connecting the soundbar are usually located towards the bottom of your TV screen.

Also, when placing a soundbar under a TV, you can choose whether to place it on top of a piece of furniture or mount it on the wall. If you decide to place a soundbar on top of your TV, you'll almost always have to mount it on the wall.

As we have seen, soundbars that reproduce surround sound must be mounted under the TV to have the unit under the TV (with a few exceptions).

If the soundbar is placed too far below the TV, the TV could become an obstacle to the sound destined for the ceiling.

In this case, you would not be able to fully enjoy the audio quality that the device is capable of producing.

On an aesthetic level, many people prefer the soundbar under the television, myself included.

Many soundbars are more refined at the top than at the bottom.

If you put the soundbar on top of the TV, you would highlight the lower part, the less refined one. Sure, these are small details, but for some they make a difference.

Soundbar Placement: Why Is It So Important?

If you're buying a soundbar, it's because you want a superior audio experience and I understand you perfectly well! When I am at a friend's house and I happen to watch a movie without the support of my system, I feel that something is missing and the movie seems almost wasted when watched that way!

Finding the best sound quality and making your devices perform at their best requires attention to detail, which is why the position of the soundbar is so important.

It is not uncommon to find someone complaining about a forum about the quality of their soundbar, but once the layout is changed, the sound quality suddenly improves!

In the case of more complex home theatre systems, positioning the various speakers without the right logic could even create a deterioration of the sound compared to that of the built-in TV speakers (and the TV speakers are an incredible bore!)

A common mistake is the incorrect placement of a soundbar with upward-facing speakers.

If they point the wrong way, the sound risks being lost and absorbed by other surfaces, such as a carpet. Or there are rooms with very high ceilings or with rounded shapes. Again, the soundbar will not be able to express itself at its best.

By now you've got it: a soundbar setup as well as a home theatre setup is unique. Each room has its own characteristics and each of us has our own tastes.

Rule number one is to make sure before purchasing that the soundbar, subwoofer or speakers we intend to buy have the right characteristics for the shape and size of the room in which they will be placed.

The other rule is to place the soundbar at the spectator's ear level.

The more high-end the surround soundbar, the greater the chances that it has particular characteristics, which must be supported to exploit its full potential and justify the expense made.

What if I told you that the most effective way to find out which is the best placement of a soundbar is… to try? I know, it might sound unprofessional, but it's a foolproof strategy!

Turn on the TV, turn up the volume and put the soundbar in all positions that inspire you. Sit down for a few seconds and listen to the sound quality change according to your location.

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