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Skip hire is a type of waste management in the United Kingdom, with skip being an abbreviation for skip lorry—”skip” was originally the name of the trailer portion of a roll-on/roll-off truck (the rear section that was detached as it approached the loading dock)

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The use of “skip” and its current meaning evolved concurrently with the development of containerization for commercial shipping.

A skip or skips are used to collect, transport and dispose large quantities of waste materials from residential, municipal, commercial or industrial sites. Skip hire businesses rent skips or roll on-roll off containers either by size or ‘to suit your needs', e.g., by load capacity (m3) per week.

skips are normally made of strong and thick heavy duty plastics, or metals that are rust proof. The skip is then lifted on to the back of a lorry (truck) to transport it to a recycling site.

The Skip Hire Near Me service was first introduced in Manchester, England in 1946 by Charles Loder. He constructed the first prototype himself out of old Second World War materials that were readily available at the time; this happened whilst he was working as an apprentice for his father's firm which sold building supplies such as timber and cement. After constructing several skips using different types of materials, he finally settled with steel for its durability in long term use.

A year after the introduction of the Skip Hire Near Me service, Charles had overcome all the obstacles that he initially faced such as not having enough space to store a large number of skips in one place and lack of business partners willing to invest with him. Before long, Charles had already managed to build up a small network in his local area which paved way for expansion across various parts of England.

Reasons to Hire Skip?

There are many reasons why you might want to hire a Skip. It can be for simple household clearance or it could be something more complex like a building site clear out. Whatever your reason for hiring a Skip, they all have one thing in common – they need to go somewhere safe once filled. If you are thinking about hiring a Skip, it is important to consider where you will be putting it.

For example, if you hire a Skip for rubbish clearance of your home or garden and you don't have anywhere safe to put it, there could be issues. If the Skip is left on the street, this can cause an obstruction and may result in a Fixed Penalty Notice by local council. This is something that no one wants!

Also think about whether there are any prohibited items such as asbestos or gas cylinders that cannot go into your Skip? It's all part of making sure that the job gets completed safely and without problems. Hiring some form of skip bin service can help you find out more information regarding skips and whether they will be suitable for your needs. Many skip hire companies will offer a variety of different sizes to suite whatever you want to get done. For example, if you are needing to complete light waste removal from building work taking place at home or an office clear out, they may not require as large a skip as someone who has their whole garden items that need disposing of.

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Benefits of Skip Hire?

Skip hire services are a great way to get rid of large amounts of unwanted waste. Whether it is from a home or business, the skip will conveniently remove all your rubbish and keep your estate clean. Skip hire companies offer different sizes for you to choose from which can hold more than just rubbish. You may want to consider hiring one if you need some extra space in the garden but don't want to fork out high prices for a skip that you aren't going to use fully or if planning an event such as a party and require somewhere safe to dispose of rubbish afterwards.

Skips make disposing of items such as household furniture easier than ever before; simply load up the old mattress, chairs and other similar items into the bin until its full ready to be taken away. Skip hire companies can cater to your needs no matter what they are. Whether you simply want to do some garden rubbish removal or you're carrying out refurbishments inside the house and need somewhere safe to store items, skip companies provide a convenient way for you to get rid of all your unwanted waste in just one visit.

Hiring is often cheaper than taking things to a local tip as skips come in various sizes and most carry a flat fee depending on size rather than weight which means it doesn't matter how much waste you throw into it .

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