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Do you have a too-long nose for the size of your face, or does your nose have an unsightly hump? The corrective intervention that is right for you is rhinoplasty.

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Do you have a too-long nose for the size of your face, or does your nose have an unsightly hump? The corrective intervention that is right for you is rhinoplasty


This type of intervention is, in fact, aimed at correcting the cartilage bone structure of the nose, tip, back and columella (cartilage that separates the two nostrils).

For all the necessary information on how rhinoplasty is performed, visit the Imprendo.org portal, enter your region of residence and you will also be able to access lists containing the names of the best specialists in the sector.

During the first specialist visit, the doctor evaluates various factors such as the thickness and elasticity of the skin, the quality of the skin, the shape and size of the nose also in relation to the face, and above all evaluates the intervention points together with the patient. . These points correspond to the characteristics that the patient believes make him more uncomfortable about the appearance of his nose.
There are several techniques with which rhinoplasty surgery can be performed, the doctor will obviously choose the one that best suits the type of problem to be corrected.


The modelling, for example, includes the correction of the back, of the alar and triangular cartilages through a harmonization of the amount of fat present on the tip of the nose. However, the operation involves internal stitches accompanied by the application of a surgical plaster under the tip of the nose and a protective mask on the back. The mask allows the tissues to stabilize in the new shape given to them with the surgery. 

The rhinoplasty surgery usually takes place in a day hospital and you can go home a few hours later. 

You will experience very normal symptoms of tiredness and numbness in the postoperative period, as well as some localized swelling that disappears over the course of two weeks, which is also the mandatory period of time during which the mask must be worn.

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