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Repointing is one of the most important maintenance jobs for a brick chimney. Without it, the structure can deteriorate and present a serious safety hazard. The process of repointing involves removing the damaged mortar and replacing it with new material

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In order to keep the large majority of its original strength, each individual block must be correctly shaped and perfectly positioned in relation to adjacent blocks. For this reason, repointing work is usually performed by skilled professionals who are trained to handle delicate masonry materials with precision. An experienced Phoenix repointer will also know about all local building codes that may affect your project. It's vital that you choose someone who has extensive experience working on brickwork similar to yours, as this will help ensure the repointing is done properly.

Reasons to hire a Repointing specialist?

Repointing and related repairs can be very time-consuming. Unqualified workers may not have the skills, experience or equipment necessary to complete the job properly. Repointing experts will use sophisticated tools to ensure that each block is placed in exactly the right location. This will make sure that the structure's appearance remains as attractive as possible throughout its lifetime. Skilled technicians who are experienced with brickwork should also take care when installing mortar that contains a variety of materials, such as sand and cement, which are necessary for proper bonding. With poor attention paid to these details, your chimney could begin to deteriorate again within a matter of weeks after repointing work has been completed.

Modern Repointers

Chimneys were originally constructed from materials that were readily available in each region of the country. Because materials such as sand and cement weren't widely available, a different method for binding the brickwork together was developed. Traditional mortar is made with lime or gypsum as the primary ingredient. It's much softer than modern mortar mixes, which are usually formulated with plasticizers or other special additives designed to increase strength and durability. If you choose to have repointing work performed on your home, it's imperative that this material be completely removed from between the joints of each individual block before new mortar is installed. The inexperienced workers may not be able to properly remove this material without breaking some of the surrounding bricks in transitory process. In addition, consider whether any major additions have been made to your home since the repointing was originally done. For example, have large chimney pots or a brick fireplace been placed near the structure? These items can alter ventilation and increase the amount of moisture being pulled into your chimney. Repointing is not an exact science. Even highly-trained technicians working with mortar formulated for maximum durability may only be able to predict how long it will last for 35 years in most cases. If you'd like to enjoy cleaner air inside your home and prevent mold from forming around the base of your chimney, scheduling regular maintenance visits with a reliable company should help extend its life significantly beyond that time frame.

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If you're interested in learning more about repointing near me and want more information feel free to contact us. Our staff is very knowledgeable on repointing as we specialize in the business. We're able to help you find a repointing expert in your area and are available for any additional questions.

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