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Private investigators are individuals who conduct investigations for a wide range of private sector clients, particularly those involving criminal activity. Private investigators may work in the employ of law enforcement agencies including the FBI or local police departments.

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Reasons to Hire a private investigator?

Private investigators can be hired for many reasons. The most common reason is to investigate someone, such as a spouse or a business partner that an individual suspect may be cheating. Other reasons include:

Private investigators are individuals who conduct investigations for a wide range of private sector clients, particularly those involving criminal activity. Private investigators may work in the employ of law enforcement agencies including the FBI or local police departments. They also often work independently as consultants that examine cases from both sides to determine liability and whether they should be pursued in civil court rather than criminally .

How do you become a Private Investigator?

Most people think about becoming a private investigator after watching television shows like CSI or NCIS but many people don't realize how dangerous the field can be. While on television private investigators might chase criminals down dark alleys with guns drawn, the reality is that most PIs work more like lawyers: they investigate information and create case files that suggest a certain outcome.

Benefits of Private Investigators?

Most private investigators have a different sort of job. They typically work with attorneys or insurance agencies that need information about clients or people seeking coverage for an accident. Private investigators don't actually go to court much, they create case files and then turn them over to lawyers who can use the information in a court of law .

How much do private Investigators make?

Private investigator salaries depend on where you work, your education level, and years of experience. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that while many private investigators work freelance (without benefits), those employed by full-time positions tend to be paid more than $56,000 per year on average . Those working as consultants usually charge anywhere from $80-$150 dollars an hour, depending on the difficulty of the job. Private investigator salaries vary with industry and location in the United States . Some private investigators specialize to become experts in a certain field, such as bankruptcy investigations or insurance fraud.

How much training do you need?

Depending on where someone works most people will start out as a clerk or secretary for their employer. However, you can become a private investigator by attending specialized classes in school , and there are also some online schools that offer programs in this field . Most training will cover investigative techniques such as surveillance–keeping an eye on someone without them knowing–as well as legal actions that pertain to the job.

How long does it take?

Most people who work independently start out at local firms, working with licensed investigators as they gain experience and hone their skills . If you're looking to become an expert in a certain field (such as investigating insurance fraud) you may be able to specialize after gaining years of experience . Many people decide to attend school, or night classes, and then enter the profession after they have acquired some practical experience .

How do you get hired?

Many private investigation firms require applicants to send them a resume and cover letter before they consider hiring them for a job. In addition, potential employers often run background checks on their employees before they are hired. A potential employee may also have to take tests or pass licensing exams through the state where he wants to work as a private investigator . Most employers ask applicants about their previous experiences with investigations and how they plan to handle difficult situations that could arise on the job (for example, if someone becomes violent when discovered) 

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