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Have you recently thought about replacing your old telephone system to migrate to IP telephony? Is your current system dead and costing you dearly to maintain?

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Have you recently thought about replacing your old telephone system to migrate to IP telephony? Is your current system dead and cost you dearly to maintain?

Would you like to reduce your company's internal costs in addition to improving the performance of your business telephony?

Are you self-employed or do you have several branches or departments, employees on the road or elsewhere in the world?

Maybe it's time to think about converging to IP telephony? Several advantages are available to you following this migration.

IP telephony means that your phone is directly connected to Internet access rather than to a conventional telephone line. As soon as your phone is connected to the internet. It is connected to the company's telephone system just as if you were in the office.

IPBX – Optimizing your business communication

At Instasys, we offer you an optimal and innovative communication solution thanks to the IPBX system, particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

What is the PBX?

It is a functional system allowing you to mix several innovative technologies (IP, SIP, TDM) in order to offer you a quality service in terms of telephone communication  within your company. Operating in the same way as a proxy server, by coupling your devices to an IPBX server, the system allows all the equipment in the company to share the same external telephone lines, while at the same time providing you with services to added value (collaborative centre, call centre, etc.). It is therefore complete equipment in communication servers, terminals, software and applications specializing in collaborative communication offered by the PBX, linking all your devices together.

The advantages of IPBX technology

Combining first of all several modern technologies, the iPBX allows you to be reachable within your company (DECT, DECT SIp and WLAN) but also outside (FMC).
It allows you to have at your disposal many diverse and all functional equipment, adapting to your needs and to be particularly flexible, thanks to the elimination of the telephone wiring which it entails. You can therefore easily move your devices from one office to another, from one site to another… They remain connected to the server wherever they are! You just need to configure a network (up to 40 sites and 600 different users!).
The ease of useof the PBX is also to be noted: easy to install and configure , it then allows you to manage your communications very simply thanks to an online interface. Everything is easier with this system compared to a proprietary telephone system ! Thanks to it, your communications and your options are managed via software offering you the best possible solutions in terms of unified or collaborative communication.
In addition, the IPBX is compatible with all manufacturers and all brands, it is particularly suitable for hotels or specialized in care or surveillance.
It will finally allow you to make serious savings on your telephone bills, a significant ultimate asset. At Near Me, we offer you several packages according to your needs, each more interesting than the other for your communication budget.

By connecting all your equipment to an IPBX server, you, therefore, guarantee your establishment and its partners to be able to communicate easily within and outside it, while benefiting from a quality, serious and reliable offer. It is really a solution to consider!

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