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As a business, bringing in a speaker can have different goals such as thanking customers or attracting prospects to a trade show. If your goal is to motivate your teams, the choice of speaker is very important. Here are some tips to help you choose more easily.

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Who is the conference for?

Whether you are an SME or a large group, the question of the public must arise from the start. Indeed, clearly defining the audience of the conference will allow you to better understand their expectations and to propose a suitable speaker. Just like a salesperson with his client, it is the knowledge of the public and their expectations vis-à-vis your product or service that allows the speaker to adapt his speech and his proposals to better convince him.

It is, therefore, necessary to define the profile of the public upstream and for this several criteria can be useful to you: the age of the public, seniority in the company, gender, profession, geographical location, internal status, or even the level of study. Defining these criteria will allow you to better understand their expectations, but also subsequently to brief the speaker on the audience so that they adapt their speech.


Choose an internal or external speaker?

Motivating employees via a conference is an exercise that can be done via two types of speakers: internal company stakeholders, and external stakeholders.

Internal stakeholders, whether it is the manager of a team or the general manager, have the advantage of knowing the company well, so they can easily address the issues faced by the company and future issues. In addition, they do not represent any additional cost for the company. However, there is a “but”.

The first risk is that a manager can be an excellent as well as a poor speaker. Conducting conferences is a profession that can be learned and for which some have the facilities and others not at all. Speech structure, voice intonation, breathing management, postures, gestures, looks, adaptation to audience reactions, a multitude of factors combined together will make it possible to capture the audience's attention or not and motivate it or not.

Without counting on the substance of the speech which, here too, is a specific exercise that turns out to be more or less easy. Indeed, structuring the purpose of a conference, in order to transmit the right messages that will motivate an audience, is an exercise that requires preparation, and the use of certain tools near Me, an approach to the brain preferences of the public.

The second big risk is the ability to influence the public.  This position, therefore, makes the speech of the internal speaker much less impactful because the public is not fooled and has it in mind. An external speaker, on the other hand, has a more impartial position not being an employee of the company, which will allow a much stronger influence on the public and can greatly help in the objective of motivating a team.


Motivation: what is the precise objective?

What does motivate mean? “ behind this term hide the reasons which push everyone to act, but also which explain why, in an enigmatic way, some succeed while others fail ”. Motivation is indeed a somewhat vague term, each of which has a more or less exact interpretation of its own. It is therefore necessary to define what you mean by motivation and what you expect from it in practice.

To do this, try answering the following questions: “What do I want the audience to do after this conference?” And “What do I want the audience to think after this conference?” “. This reflection will allow you to clarify what you are trying to achieve as a motivational goal, and then choose the most suitable personality to take your team there. 

2-The selection criteria

Choose according to the area of ​​expertise

There are speaker profiles from a multitude of professions and fields capable of motivating a team. Whether they are or have been, a coach, conductor, athlete, soldier, chef, or astronaut, they all have the potential to motivate a team. However, they will approach motivation in a different way depending on their respective experiences and universes.

If we take the example of a coach of a rugby team, he can for example share how he was able to lead his team to victory at the 6 Nations Tournament, drawing on his experience of an international rugby competition seen from the inside. In another register, a former special forces commander will be able to rely on examples of extreme situations experienced during missions with his team, in order to show that everyone has been able to surpass themselves to overcome these difficulties.

To go to one universe or another, ask yourself, for example, which area would interest your team the most. Whether it is the army, gastronomy, politics or sport, do not hesitate to survey your team on the profiles that arouse their curiosity the most to find the motivational speaker who will meet your expectations. teams.


Different ways of approaching motivation

Choosing a speaker from a specific profession or field does not mean that he will talk about cooking recipes or musical composition for 1 hour. The speakers will use their field (different from the business world) to address motivation and will simply image, illustrate, their words and make analogies between their field and that of your company.

It is therefore necessary in your choice to check that the speaker can adapt his conference. Indeed, some conferences are assembled from scratch on the same model and the speaker will not adapt to the situation of the company. However, in order for an audience to feel concerned, it must be helped to make the connections between the speaker's field and what is happening in the company.

So pay attention to the lecturer's ability to adapt his speech according to your context, your objectives, etc. Just like when travelling, to reach the same destination, you can go through multiple routes.


Watch out for speakers who are “motivational experts”

Some speakers, without any real specific experience, have overnight become management or motivation gurus and call themselves “experts” without any real experience of the subject. To avoid this, you can for example ask them for a video of their conference, in order to be able to know the structure and the messages of their intervention. If not, you can ask them to explain to you how they became “experts”. Have they passed specific diplomas? Do they have concrete experience of the subject in their field? Which clients have they worked for before? In what forms? For which results obtained?


The choice of profiles by price

In 99% of cases, companies have a budget that should not be exceeded for the intervention of a speaker. To save time, ask the speaker for pricing, right from the start. When you contact him or vice versa, tell him your budget to see if it is sufficient. If you go through a speaker agency, they can then offer you a selection of speakers without exceeding your budget. The price criterion is mainly based on two factors, the celebrity of the speaker and his experience. The more experienced a speaker, the more his prices increase. It is the same for its notoriety.

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