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Relationship marketing in business is different from transactional marketing: it's ultimate (or main) goal is not to sell at all costs. Quite the contrary! It is about creating a strong link between your brand and your audience, to build a solid and close relationship with it. This is also called proximity marketing. Relationship marketing is a qualitative strategy oriented toward the long term.

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One-to-many marketing vs personalization of the customer relationship

Relationship marketing is defined by the personalization and individualization of the customer relationship, the customer journey, and all the messages addressed to them personally. It is a question of humanizing its communication by strengthening human-to-human exchanges; we are talking about one-to-one marketing, unlike one-to-many marketing, which is addressed in the same way to the greatest number of people.

The goal is not to reach a multitude of people with the same speech. On the contrary, we always try to personalize our messages to capture the attention of our targets and reach them more easily.

Personalization makes it possible to offer a unique experience, relevant and adapted to the needs and issues of each of our interlocutors.

What are the tools of relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing could not exist without marketing automation and without marketing automation software. How can you manage the sending of multiple personalized messages at the most opportune time? Impossible!

Marketing automation is your ally in the implementation of a relationship marketing strategy by allowing you to send the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

How does it work?

A relevant and personalized marketing scenario is planned to be triggered automatically in response to specific actions of your leads: visiting a landing page, downloading a document, registering for an event, items placed in the basket , a purchase, etc.

This scenario then provides for the sending of automated emails with interesting, useful and value-added content for each of your prospects; you will understand that it is then much easier for you to move them through the marketing funnel, up to conversion.

Another essential tool to ensure optimal customer follow-up: CRM. Complementing a marketing automation solution, CRM software is used more by sales teams, once the prospect is transformed into a customer.

Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

Relationship marketing is part of an Inbound Marketing strategy .

What is Inbound Marketing? It is about naturally developing the interest and curiosity of your prospects for your brand in order to qualify them little by little; you don't send them unwanted messages like in the case of Outbound Marketing, and don't over-solicit them to sell them a product. They are the ones who must spontaneously come to you.

It is by offering educational content exclusively focused on their needs and issues that you will gain the trust of your prospects.

And who says trust, says proximity, commitment and attachment to your brand; the foundations of a good relationship marketing strategy allowing you to develop your clientele, retain them and even transform your clients into ambassadors.

Maintain customer relations thanks to Lead Nurturing

Relationship marketing consists of consolidating the relationships you have with your prospects and customers; to create a special relationship.

By providing them with useful content, you nurture their interest in your products; you thus develop a strong bond with your leads.

This is the principle of lead nurturing, an essential component of relationship marketing.

Because without content creation, how do you make a prospect mature and convert him? How to solidify the customer relationship?


Imagine it is a plant or a flower. You must water it every day to hope to see it grow and beautify itself. The same goes for your customer relationship. You have to maintain it …

To do this, you will need to set up a specific customer journey for each of your prospect segments; offer individualized purchasing paths that are much more suited to each of them, in order to optimize the customer experience.


Who is affected by relationship marketing?

All businesses are concerned with relationship marketing!

All wish to develop their activity, conquer new markets, increase their clientele, retain them… All, therefore, need to set up a relationship strategy.

It's not just about boosting sales, getting new customers. No! We also have to manage to keep our customers, to ensure that they come back to us.

This is good because relationship marketing and loyalty are closely linked. When we know that retaining a customer is five times cheaper than acquiring a new one, we immediately see the advantages of implementing such a strategy.

Relationship marketing is therefore aimed at all types of businesses, whether small, medium or large.

No matter the size of your business, its structure, or even its field of activity, setting up a relationship marketing strategy will allow you to perpetuate your activity .

So, if you haven't already, get started right away!


What are the benefits of relationship marketing?

It must be recognized, there are many benefits of relationship marketing.

good relationship marketing will help you include:

  • develop your sales;
  • increase your notoriety;
  • enhance your brand image;
  • increase engagement;
  • convert more leads into customers;
  • better manage the customer relationship;
  • increase customer satisfaction;
  • retain your customers more easily.

Today, we can clearly say that relationship marketing is “KING”: it is towards this type of marketing that we must turn to gain notoriety and image, to create adhesion, a feeling of belonging, develop communities on social networks, and retain customers. It is this marketing that makes it possible to launch communication campaigns with a good return on investment.

In short, it is thanks to relationship marketing and a well-crafted relationship strategy that businesses develop, grow and prosper.

So, convinced by the benefits of relationship marketing? Here are some examples of relationship email campaigns you can learn from.

Our tips for doing relationship marketing

Tip # 1: Create a close relationship with your customers and prospects

Communicating is good, but communication shouldn't be one-sided, one-way.

The company must not be the only one to communicate, there must be an exchange. For this, you will need to create a real conversation with your customers.

A strong relationship is based on a balance. You must dialogue with your audience as much as possible, encourage them to speak, to give their opinion, as the Nest company does in the following emailing.

In a special relationship, you need to be interested in what your customers and prospects think. What do they do in life ? What are their areas of interest? What are their values?

The more actions you put in place that promote exchanges with your targets, the more you will be able to improve your brand image.

The satisfaction surveys and other qualitative surveys allow you to collect essential data on your customers.

On the one hand, by asking their opinion, you show them interest and attention, which strengthens the customer relationship.

Also, by taking into account their expectations and their specific needs, you can significantly improve the customer experience, offer even more suitable and efficient products and services, and increase overall satisfaction.

By setting up relationship marketing, based on better customer knowledge, you will have the possibility of increasing the satisfaction of your buyers, who are more inclined to come back to you to make other purchases.

The opportunity to significantly maintain the customer relationship, for the sake of loyalty.

Relationship marketing is about doing relationships, of course, but avoiding excess. You have to be able to adapt to each of your customers or prospects, to personalize your messages, content, and communication channels.

To do this, you need to ask yourself the right questions:

What are my client's specific customer relationship needs? What are their favourite communication channels and content?

What does he concretely expect from my company? Does he need that we are very present for him, that we guide him? Or does he prefer to be more autonomous, especially when making decisions?

In any case, marketing automation will help you succeed in your relationship marketing, by offering relevant content to each of your customer segments (persona), at the right time, on the right channel, without over-asking them.

Tip # 2: Communicate your values ​​and commitments

As in any relationship, do not hesitate to talk about what is important to you, about the commitments you make within your company to offer healthier products that are more respectful of the environment; concerning the manufacture of your products, their distribution, the well-being of your employees, etc.

As you know, a company that is committed, that respects the principles of sustainable development reflects a positive image.

Consumers are also more committed than ever and expect a lot from brands: more transparency in their actions in favor of the environment, or in favor of great causes. Here, Etam talks about its commitment to sustainable development and women's rights.

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