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you will be able to advertise targeted (locally, on the tastes of your visitors…) on a multitude of selection criteria. You will also have the possibility of having statistics.

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Better still, you will be able to implement the now-famous “ Facebook pixel”   directly on your website and thus be able to generate audiences of people with the same profile. For advertising targeting, it is really a great tool …

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A website dedicated to your business and its referencing

The first thing that comes to mind is the embarrassment of choice.

Between the solutions that we see in TV ads (TV ads are expensive) that offer free access to your site (??), those that are born every day, web agencies close to you or not and the possibility of fending for yourself … Not necessarily easy to make a choice.
However, having a website dedicated to your retail business (simple showcase or e-commerce) is essential today.
Beyond the purely visual aspect, your site should be optimized for local searches. Your different pages will contain texts of at least 300 words and they will have to be “SEO Friendly”… it's awful as a name but it's called like that 🙂
Small definition of SEO Friendly: SEO friendly is an English expression characterizing a site that is naturally optimized by its form and its contents for natural referencing.
To do this, a few tips:
– Think “thematic” and terminology: your Internet customers have their own words to describe their requests or their research. It is advisable to work with a selection of keywords for which it is possible and recommended to evaluate the number of searches
– Prioritize your content: an “SEO friendly” text includes a title, chapters and paragraphs for example
Insert images to enhance your speech if possible (also remember to prepare the captions for these images. these captions include the keywords of your text if possible)

Your presence on search engines like Google or Bing is also an essential element. So you must have a strategy SEO natural local.
Preferably call a specialized agency. It's a real job and a prior, not yours so save time and go through a professional.

Now that you have a website and have created your FACEBOOK PAGE (professional, not a profile (attention)), not only can you be visible, people looking for your products have a chance to find you. You can (should) help them think of you by advertising on these social networks.


More and more Internet users are looking for an immediate response to their local needs and their mobile is more and more used for these purposes. Even town halls understand this and increasingly offer free Wi-Fi access. So, your customers not only always have their cellphones in their pockets but in addition, they consult it 152 times a day …
This translates into relevance for advertising on social networks but also in the interest of making SMS campaigns to inform your customers of your commercial news
Of course, you have an up-to-date customer file of this information….?

There are many solutions that allow you to launch SMS campaigns. Not all are equal in terms of ergonomics, but what you need to know:
• 95% reading
rate • over 60% memorization rate
• 90% of SMS received are read within 10 minutes

CRM tools.

Nothing is more important to your retail business than collecting and managing the essential information that characterizes your customers.
Think about it: customer loyalty costs 5 to 10 times less than winning it over. This shows the importance of this aspect in your strategy.

In summary, a CRM tool is either integrated into your cash register software or external. It will allow you at least to enter customer information (last name, first name, full postal address, mobile phone, e-mail … and other information if possible such as date of birth …) and sales information (turnover, date of sales, product profile…).
Rich in this information, ideally it also allows you to segment (target) customers to give you the opportunity to launch targeted communication campaigns.
It's always better to target. No need to make an offer to all your customers when it is in fact only addressed to a few. For example, can you target people who have come 3 times in the last 6 months and who have an average basket over 50 € (and who like blue for example).
This segmentation will give more weight to your message and above all allows you to make substantial savings.

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