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If you like to watch movies and series, you've certainly seen many lofts, without even knowing it. And no wonder, because the lofts emerged precisely Near Me

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What is a loft?

If you like to watch American movies and series, you've certainly seen many lofts, without even knowing it. And no wonder, because the lofts emerged precisely in the United States and Europe in the 70s.

In New York, the Soho neighbourhood was the one that gave greater visibility to this type of housing, used by people mainly connected to the arts and architecture. Therefore, it is not for nothing that the idea that what a loft is is associated with a modern and cool way of living.

The loft concept actually started with factory sheds or refrigerators that were converted for residential and professional use by these artists. The place became both a home and a studio. And you can already imagine what arises when the two things are mixed: the space gained in creativity and good taste, being the passion of those who are connected to decoration.

However, over the years and with the accentuated process of gentrification through the revitalization of the neighborhood that took place in New York, lofts became increasingly rare and, automatically, more expensive. With that, the public that started to inhabit the lofts also changed its profile. To give you an idea, a loft in New York today can't be found for less than $1 million.

What are the characteristics of a loft?

As the space is originally commercial, the loft has some very interesting features. The most striking ones are the open plan, with fully integrated spaces, and the double ceiling height, of at least 3.20 meters.

But the industrial footprint doesn't stop there. Wide and tall openings for the entry of natural lighting, plumbing, electrical and structural installations, rustic materials and textures – such as iron, solid bricks, concrete and wood – are also part of the concept.

But, like any good concept, it is clear that it eventually expanded beyond the original commercial buildings, and today there are many “ loft-inspired” offerings on the market. These are properties already built for this purpose, inspired by the original lofts and generally 20% more expensive than traditional apartments.

What are the benefits of the loft?

Much sought after by couples without children and single people, the loft usually caters to a younger audience, at full productive age. It's good to know, however, that there are lofts of all sizes, that is, there is no specific footage that characterizes it.

Among the benefits of the loft are its practicality and a feeling of freedom. On the other hand, as the entrance of natural light is highly valued, it is also a more sustainable option, reducing the use of electricity. And, as the installations are apparent, any repairs are easier to be done, without the need for a break.

Very functional and practical, the loft is ideal for those who work outside and don't have much time to take care of the house. The furniture, in turn, also ends up having the function of dividing the environments, since there are no internal walls, only the bathroom. More than a space, living in a loft is a way of life.

When is it worth investing in a loft?

Perhaps you have already noticed, but the economic factor is not the only one to consider when investing in this type of property. The loft is ideal, firstly, for those who prefer a space that conveys the idea of ​​freedom and are looking for more practicality, for all the reasons mentioned above. If you fit this profile, then you need to consider the financial part.

Although not even close to $1 million for New York lofts, the value of these properties can be quite “salty” in our market, even as a result of the current state of the Brazilian economy. However, this is not a negative point, since lofts have a much higher rate of appreciation than common properties.

So, if you decide to sell it sometime later, your investment will probably pay off well.

How to choose a loft?

The first step in choosing the right one is to make sure that the property in question is, in fact, a loft . That's because, today, there is a wide variety of apartments that are sold as lofts because they have some similar elements, but they don't necessarily fit into this category. So you need to be careful. It's a good idea to search a real estate listing portal that makes this distinction correctly.

The next step is to analyze your needs and your style. With that in mind, consider that the loft is generally a larger space — since it doesn't have the traditional partitions — that allows for a more youthful and laid-back decor and that can be used as a studio or workplace if you want. want.

Finally, just review your budget. Although it's the last step, knowing how much you can spend will define the entire purchase, from where your loft will be located to the size and appearance of the property. A tip: if you don't want to spend that much, opt for lofts further away from the big urban centres. The trend is for prices to be lower in remote areas.

How to optimize the loft space?

Remember we said that the loft usually has ample space? Well, here it is necessary to pay a little attention. There are two possibilities: the property is built in a considerable area and has plenty of space, or the loft is designed to optimize space in a small area. In any of the situations, the internal space guarantees a lot of freedom for the residents, even for referring to the old industrial warehouses.

However, it is necessary to adjust the arrangement of the elements present in the loft to ensure greater fluidity between all corners. If the property does not have a large area, opting for very spacious furniture is not a good idea. The best thing is to bet on modular elements, such as a sofa bed or retractable bed , small tables, etc.

Also, you need to align the decor to the size of the loft . With little space available, it is best to bet on a minimalist style, so as not to overload the property with decorative elements and hinder movement around the place.

What is kitnet ?

But, after all, what is the difference between loft and kitnet ? Can't a loft be a kitnet ? Not really, as they are quite different properties. While you've already seen that the loft is a space inspired by the old sheds, the kitnet is a traditional apartment, with just one room and up to 50 m² in size. They also emerged and were quite popular here in Brazil between the 60s and 70s, especially in large urban centers.

As its name suggests, kitnet derives from an English expression that means small kitchen . And that's the idea: a room that serves as a bedroom and living room at the same time, a separate bathroom and a tiny kitchen, usually separated only by a counter.

Despite the simple structure, the kitnets are back in popular taste, being increasingly sought after by those who want to live alone. As a result, the market is quite diversified, and today it is possible to find from simple kitnets to sophisticated units, already fully decorated.

What are the benefits of living in a kitnet ?

The space is small, but the advantages of living in a kitnet are great. One of them is directly related to the pocket, since the smaller space, the lower the taxes or rent. Maintenance is also cheaper, which makes the kitnet weigh a lot less in the monthly budget.

In a kitnet , you become a more conscientious resident. The larger the space, the greater the tendency to accumulate objects. In a kitnet you assume the “less is more” side of life, keeping only the essentials. So, in the best Japanese minimalist style, you get rid of the excesses of life, getting what really matters, finding more happiness, freedom and satisfaction. Your consumption becomes more conscious and you still end up saving more at the end of the month.

The space also offers more coziness, as the smaller the property, the easier it is to decorate. Bet on a functional decoration that allows for various activities on each object or furniture. So you gain in comfort and practicality, but with a lot of beauty and comfort.

How to choose a kitnet ?

As you might have noticed, indoor space is not a kitnet ‘s forte. But if you are a student, work, have a very busy life and spend little time at home, betting on this type of property is a great choice. Obligations such as cleaning and tidying are much easier to carry out in a small area.

In addition, the financial factor may not weigh as much in your choice, as—because it's a smaller property—monthly bills, taxes, and even rent tend to be relatively low. So the main thing to consider is your need for commuting or, if you prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of urban centers, tranquility.

Here, it is worth making an observation: it may be easier to find kitnets in central areas of the city, since the main idea of ​​this type of property is to bring practicality to the lives of residents. So, remember this when you're looking for your little corner.

Regardless of the property you choose, understanding what is a loft and what is a kitnet are fundamental elements that will help guide your search and ensure that you make the right decision. With this information in mind, you will be able to adapt your lifestyle to the style of your home , ensuring much more satisfaction with the place where you will live.

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