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The landscape architect is the professional who deals with the design of open spaces and the urban and rural landscape. The landscape architect can work with both private clients and offer services to public bodies. His works concern not only city parks, residential complexes and courtyards, but also your home garden.

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Landscape architects


    • The landscape architect is the professional who deals with the design of open spaces and the urban and rural landscape.
    • The landscape architect can work with both private clients and offer services to public bodies. His works concern not only city parks, residential complexes and courtyards, but also your home garden.
    • The landscape architect works on the green envelope of your home: he creates organic continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces by combining your desires with local environmental and climatic needs.
    • Even if he does not deal directly with the design of buildings, the work of a landscape architect is fundamental for the overall rendering of the architectural project: the layout he will give to the environment and the design of the space around the building will have a strong aesthetic and emotional impact. , enhancing the perception of the structure and the idea of ​​its usefulness.
    • The best advice for the re-design of your garden will come from a professional with a holistic view: to be fully competent in their work, landscape architects must have in-depth knowledge in architecture, botany, horticulture, art, industrial design, geology , geography and ecology.

How a green architect works


    • The work phases of a landscape architect concern the design and construction.
    • The design will begin following an interview with the customer in which needs, availability and implementation times will be defined.
    • Following the interview, the landscape architect will carry out an inspection of the future construction site, during which he will take note of all the characteristics of the territory and the environmental peculiarities to be enhanced.
    • This phase is extremely important because the data collected will greatly influence the project itself. The architect must therefore be able to develop an in-depth analysis on the evolution and environmental impact of the project.
    • The designer of the green area must therefore also have an in-depth knowledge of the regulations in force on the subject and of the socio-cultural characteristics of the territory.

If the project is to your liking, the construction phase will be entrusted to a specialized company: the landscape architect will play the role of supervisor of the works, remaining responsible for the project until its conclusion.
The relationship with the client can also extend over the years, during which the landscape architect will make sure that the green space develops correctly and sustainably and that constant maintenance interventions are carried out. Over the years, some modifications deemed necessary may be considered, such as the construction of new structures, the modification of walkways and the implementation of the site with new installations such as gazebos or pergolas.

What a landscape architect can help you with

The purpose of a landscape architect is to help you define contracts for construction works, advise you on the proposals received and supervise the works. The landscaper can also help you in the design of your garden (garden design) or backyard.

To work best with the green architect, here are a series of questions that will be useful to you before starting the project:

  • What services does it offer?
  • Have you already worked on projects similar to the one I would like to do?
  • Can you give me some references? Talking with clients he has had is crucial in evaluating the professional.
  • Are you part of any trade association? That of landscape architects is the AIAPP (Italian Association of Landscape Architecture).
  • Which professional figures is your studio composed of?
  • Does it offer a free initial consultation?
  • What kind of landscape are you most experienced in?
  • How is the remuneration calculated? Is it calculated by the hour or by a project?
  • Do you have professional indemnity insurance?
  • When are you available to start and what is the estimated duration of the works?
  • What happens if, during the works, expenses not included in the estimate emerge?
  • Once the project is completed, how often will you come to check the development of the green space?
  • What documents do I need to provide you?

Professionals who work with landscape architects

    • The architect can coordinate with the landscaper to best integrate the building and green area or landscape.
    • The construction companies involved in the construction project. Construction companies are very often contacted directly by the architectural firm that deals with the project.
    • The green designer can support the landscape architect in the choice of plants, trees and shrubs.
    • The gardeners take care of the maintenance and sustainable plant growth

What other professionals can I need for an interior project?

  • Interior designer: can design and style the interior of your home. Follow the trends of the moment and listen to your needs and your stylistic preferences. If you do not want to entrust a complete restyling project, the interior decorator can also just help you in choosing the furniture, accompanying you during the purchase.
  • Architect: It is always a good idea to consult an architect before embarking on a green project. The architecture expert will be supportive in the design phase and very useful in following the bureaucracy linked to the project, such as requests for permits.
  • The construction companies are involved in construction projects by architects and interior designers.
  • Other professionals who collaborate in the construction of a project are electriciansplumberslighting expertscarpenters.

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