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Also called Autonomous Investment Agent, this professional can guide investors about the financial products on the market. 

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Investment Adviser

Also called Autonomous Investment Agent, this professional can guide investors about the financial products on the market. 

They are responsible for bringing the broker closer to the investor and can perform the following functions: 

  • prospecting and attracting customers;
  • reception and registration of orders and transmission of such orders to the applicable trading or registration systems, pursuant to the regulations in force;
  • provision of information on the products offered and on the services provided by the institution that is part of the securities distribution system for which it has been contracted. 

The advisor's remuneration is through commissions and is paid by the broker. 

You might be asking yourself: so can the advisor be considered a financial market seller? 

Exactly. There are those in the market who only think about the commission they will earn.

That is why it is very important for you to know about the products that are indicated and to know the advisor's personal values. 

Those whose focus is on the client are the best option, as they want the investor to be successful and, thus, they will be remunerated as well.

investment advisor

In the example I gave of my cousin's wife, she acted as an investment advisor. In other words, it was a personalized service for me. 

With the questions she asked, it was possible for her to draw my profile as an investor, for when I would need the money and think about assets more in line with my reality. 

As it was not linked to any broker, we created a portfolio with investments in different institutions. 

As the consultant is independent, the consultant's remuneration is combined with the investor: it can be a predetermined amount, it can be a percentage of the equity, value per hour… in short, whatever is agreed between the parties. 

What to expect from an investment advisor:

  • initial diagnosis 
  • portfolio optimization
  • Periodic follow-up

But shouldn't the advisor do the same thing?

As I said before, the advisor brings the broker and its products closer to the investor. Therefore, it is important for you to find an advisor who has good conduct and understands your interests as an investor. 

Which is the best option: investment advisor or investment advisor?

Both have pros and cons, as with everything else in life. Here the maxim always holds: whatever is best for you! 

Although consultants can make diagnoses and recommendations, they cannot deliver the complete solution to the client, as CVM regulations do not authorize them to execute the strategy recommended to the client. 

Although the advisors are linked to only one broker, it is possible to find professionals committed to your interests and you have good results with the products offered. 

In addition, one difference is that the consultant has costs linked to the service he provides, while the advisor will assist you for free, as he receives commissions from the operations carried out. 

What about online investment advice? 

The famous investment robots have gained a lot of space in the market. 

By filling in your data online, the algorithms determine, in a few seconds, the appropriate allocation for your investments. 

It is worth remembering that these robots are programmed following a diversification methodology defined by the company's management team.

There are those who prefer to receive these recommendations automatically, but there are also people who prefer to talk to a human being, to have this closer relationship. 

So, again, you have to define the best option for your reality. 

Regardless of which path you choose, the idea is that you always try to study the market, understand the products offered and know how your money can work for you. 

To learn more about the assets offered, you can read the slide sent by the professionals, clear up any doubts that may arise, make asset comparisons and, of course, always keep track of your investments. 

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