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With Near Me, you can compare and contact the best window and door installers in your area. How much does an interior door assembly job cost? And what are the factors that influence the final price?

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Interior doors assembly: prices and useful information

The internal doors are elements of design and functional, fundamental for each dwelling. In this article, we will help you understand what is the right price for fitting interior doors. You will find information on the main types of interior doors, divided by material and type of opening.

Average indicative costs for the assembly of interior doors

Below, the table with prices for interior doors including installation depending on the type.

Interior door assembly pricesfromto
Installation only (prices per unit)  
Port (standard)€ 40€ 80
Double opening door€ 80€ 160
Swing door€ 40€ 50
Sliding door€ 50€ 100
Folding door (folding)€ 60€ 150

Note: Prices may vary for the type of work to be carried out, the quality of its execution, the region you are in and the material chosen.

After reading the paragraphs that interest you, on Near Me you can send your request for free, select and contact the best window and door installers in your area and request a quote. The prices shown in the table may vary considerably depending on the size of the doors, the number of doors to be installed, the difficulty of installation and the distance to be covered for transport. Compare different offers: give all the useful specifications to formulate precise estimates on interior doors. The prices will be easy to compare with various similar offers in hand.

Interior doors: prices and materials

After seeing the prices for mounting interior doors (prices indicated in the table above) let's take a look at the materials:

  • Interior wooden doors: wood is historically the most used material to create windows. Thanks to its versatility of shapes, styles and colours, it adapts to modern and rustic furnishings, giving warmth and elegance to any environment. The cost of these interior doors (including assembly) is generally higher than PVC doors.
  • Interior PVC doors: these modern interior doors are beautiful to look at and functional. The advances made by technology allow the creation of windows and doors similar in all respects to those in wood, including the grain in relief on the surface. These interior doors are often chosen for public environments due to their great sturdiness and the affordable cost of supply and installation.
  • Internal aluminium doors: the perfect solution for those looking for design, elegance and sturdiness. Aluminium doors are generally among the most expensive but are meant to last forever. They are not afraid of humidity or water and are perfect for giving character to homes and offices. The assembly of these interior doors has a cost comparable to other types. To get a precise idea of ​​the prices of interior doors, send us a free request now for quick feedback.
  • Internal glass doors: elements with an extreme character, the internal glass doors give lightness and brightness to the environment. If you live with children but do not want to give up this gem, we recommend interior doors in anti-accident tempered glass which, in case of breakage, will not shatter into many small sharp pieces;
  • Laminate interior doors: less noble cousin of wood, laminate is a very ductile material with surprising characteristics. In addition to being generally cheaper than wood, it guarantees good resistance to water and humidity and is therefore also suitable as an internal window in the bathroom or kitchen. The external coating in melamine resin makes these windows practically waterproof and resistant to bumps and scratches.

Internal doors: prices, types by structure and type of opening

Let's find out more details on the assembly of interior doors: prices and materials we have already seen. In this section we will discover in detail those most sought after by our users:

  • Internal swing doors: the classic windows with two side hinges that open with a handle. These interior doors generally have a lower price than all the others, as they are produced on an industrial scale with standard sizes. The assembly of these interior doors has low prices, being the classic type.
  • Internal sliding doors: among these the casket doors that disappear inside an empty box in the wall and those flush with the wall stand out, particularly elegant and suitable for those who do not have much space in their rooms. The price of the assembly of these interior doors is above average because of the guide on which the door slides must be prepared and all the decorative profiles must be fixed.
  • Internal folding doors: those who do not have much space available can also opt for a folding door. This window is divided into 2 or more equal parts by means of an internal hinge. Usually, the closing system is regulated by a retractable rail that facilitates use. This is the perfect solution for those who want a walk-in closet in the bedroom but do not have many walkable square meters. And what about the prices of interior doors? Assembly for this type has a higher cost due to its special hardware.

How to choose the colour of the interior doors?

In addition to the cost of assembling the interior doors, don't forget about the colour. The colour for interior doors depends on the style of your home and its dominant colours. If your home is decorated in a country chic style, you can opt for dark-coloured wooden or laminate doors, possibly with the wood grain clearly visible. If, on the other hand, you have opted for a more modern style, you could choose PVC windows in light colours and with satin glass inserts.

The colour combinations are so many but we recommend sticking to soft colours and not very daring combinations if we do not want to risk an anti-aesthetic effect. Try to recall the secondary colours of your home (for example the colour of the electric plates or the decorations on the walls) and to create contrasts with the tiles or parquet. Don't focus solely on interior door prices – aesthetics also matter.

Now that you know a lot more about interior doors (assembly, price, material), you can send your request Near Me, contact the best professionals and request quotes for free. Usually, 24 hours will be enough to receive the first feedback from the best window installers in your area.

Interior doors assembly: prices and which glass to choose

After having seen the cost of assembling interior doors, materials, types and colours, let's focus on the glass. This is an accessory that can make your home even more beautiful. If you need light in the environment, you can opt for a 6 mm thick tempered glass that is totally transparent. If you also need privacy, for example in the bathroom or bedroom, frosted glass is available that will let the light through without letting a clear image through.

Another interesting solution for those who do not have much space available is to mount a mirror instead of glass. This useful accessory can give light and increase the perceived space in the room, as well as being functional for those who have to prepare in the bedroom before leaving the house.

For all-glass interior doors, you can choose glass with plasticized internal films. This element makes the door even safer for children and the elderly. Safety is a very important element in addition to the cost of assembling interior doors. Evaluate interior doors and prices by asking for specific information on the glass that will be mounted.

Changing the interior doors: prices, benefits, tax deductions and how to save

Replacing the interior doors of your home does not only bring aesthetic advantages. In fact, you can deduct the costs of this intervention up to 50% on how much you spend on personal income tax. In addition to this, you will be entitled to reduced VAT at 10% with an additional saving of 12%. In this way, the cost of assembling interior doors will drop significantly.

Many people wonder how an interior door is mounted. Looking at the average installation cost, one might think it is an easy task. In reality, it takes strength and experience to position the window correctly. If you have good dexterity and want to try to DIY interior doors, you can take a look at the guides available online. We at Instapro always recommend relying on a capable and honest professional

Interior doors assembly: prices, quality and savings Near Me

Now that you know everything you need about interior door assembly (cost, materials and brands), you can send your request to Near Me. Our team is ready to evaluate it to offer you only the best window and door installers in your area. Do not forget to include all the elements useful for drafting the estimate, such as preferred material, number of doors to be assembled and dimensions.

Generally, you will receive the first replies within 24 hours. You can read the information and contacts of the proposed companies if you have decided and want to get in touch for an inspection. Another interesting aspect of Near Me is transparency. In fact, you will be able to read all the reviews left by our users to the companies and professionals they have seen at work.

With all these useful and totally free tools, you can make the right decision for your home. You just have to enjoy your new interior doors!

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