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The plaster of an internal wall or an external facade of a building has both an aesthetic and a protective function of the masonry. Many house problems arise from a ruined plaster that needs to be redone. Let's see together the cost of the plaster per square meter inside and outside updated to 2021.

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Redoing the plaster is a job that must be done in a workmanlike manner to avoid problems. The cost to redo the plaster derives from both the price of the material used and the cost of laying the plaster and the labour for the preparation of the wall. Read on to choose the best.

How much does plaster cost per square meter: internal and external

Let's start by looking at the plaster cost per square meter 2021 for a complete job, that is, ready for the final painting. In this first table, we see the cost for the reconstruction of the internal plaster assuming a maximum height of 3 meters.

In the case of the price of the plaster outside the house, the cost can range from € 15 to € 22 per square meter. In this case, the final price depends on many other factors, such as rental costs and more. For this reason, it is essential to ask for a quote from an expert company that will also be able to help you take advantage of the Facades 2020 Bonus to deduct 90% of the costs of external plaster and facade renovation.

What does the cost of the plaster per square meter depend on?

A first variable to consider for the price of the plaster is whether the plastering work of an internal or external wall is done with:

  • Traditional plaster
  • Pre-mixed plaster

If we then talk about the complete cost of the work, the other variables that come into play are:

  • The initial state of the wall to be machined
  • The demolition of the existing plaster
  • The realization of the new plaster
  • Final smoothing to paint the wall
  • Cost of any scaffolding

All variables that an expert company is able to evaluate during an inspection to define the cost of plastering per square meter to create a work in a workmanlike manner.

Traditional plaster: prices per square meter

L ‘ plaster traditional is a mortar made by mixing sand, and a binder (typically cement) with water. The mineral binder used identifies the different types. The cost of traditional plaster per square meter varies between € 12 – € 19 per square meter including smoothing. The price varies mainly on the basis of the binder used:

  • Lime: plaster based on hydrated or powdered lime
  • Lime – cement: lime plaster with the addition of cement
  • Cement-lime: plaster with a prevalence of cement over lime
  • Gypsum: plaster with gypsum-based binder
  • Clay : plaster with clay as the only binder

The cost of traditional plaster per kg, i.e. without processing, to create a square meter is less than € 2. This low value, however, requires manual processing for the preparation of the plaster having to mix the different components in different doses. For example, the doses for a traditional lime-cement plaster are:

  • Sand: 10
  • Water: 3
  • Lime: 3
  • Concrete: 1

Premixed plaster: price per square meter

A premixed plaster compared to a traditional one is prepared and works in the factory. In addition to the classic binders, it is completed with additives ( cellulose, silica, starch, …) to provide particular properties.

A simple premixed plaster compared to the traditional one has lower mechanical characteristics. But it has the advantage of being easy to work with and allows for multiple uses: problems of mould or rising damp, protection from fire, improvement of thermal efficiency, strengthening of the structure, …

The cost of a premixed plaster per square meter also depends on whether they are to be used only for indoors or outdoors, and on the required characteristics.

  • Simple premix
  • Dehumidifying
  • Sound absorbing
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fireproof
  • Fibre-reinforced or reinforced plaster

The price of a premixed plaster can vary from € 10 per square meter for a simple one up to about € 50 per square meter for a thermal insulating one.

Choosing the best plaster to use for the interior or exterior of the house must be made by an expert. By contacting an expert company, they will also be able to help you in defining the cost estimate by best defining the cost of the plaster per square meter compared to the work to be done.

Plaster price per Kg

If we want to consider only the cost of the material without labour, we must evaluate the price of the plaster per kg. To then understand Kg of plaster is needed for one square meter just look at the yield per Kg.

For example, these are average prices for 25 KG of plaster with a yield of about 10Kg / 13Kg per square meter, it means that with 25 kg two coats of plaster are surely spread:

  • Traditional in lime-cement from € 3 to € 5
  • Natural lime dehumidifier about € 18 – € 22
  • Thermal insulation costs € 26 – € 29
  • Finishing plaster is € 7 – € 9

Dehumidifying plaster: price per square meter

If we have problems with mould or humidity, we often resort to the use of dehumidifying plaster. This is a premixed plaster with additives that make it particularly breathable. This feature allows the evaporation of residual moisture in the wall and dispersing the steam. The main use is on old walls that have humidity problems, transforming a room from damp to habitable.

The cost of a dehumidifying plaster is € 18 – € 22 for 25 kg of product with a yield of 12 kg / m2. This means that the price per square meter for a dehumidifying plaster is about € 9 – € 11 excluding labour. A finished work ranges between € 26 – € 30 per square meter.

Thermal insulating plaster: price per square meter

When we talk about thermal insulating plaster we are referring to the thermal insulation characteristic of a wall. It is a premix with a high thermal insulating power. Generally, it is a unique product that combines the classic background plaster with another layer of insulation.

It is generally used outdoors for the creation of thermal insulation systems. For the interior, it is used as thermal insulation of a ceiling, the realization of plasters for the elimination of thermal bridges, and in general to improve the thermal insulation of a wall. It is highly breathable and prevents the formation of mould.

Coming to the costs, the realization of an external thermal insulating plaster has a very high cost per square meter. This is also due to the high price of the material which can reach 40 € for a 25 kg bag for plaster with thermal conductivity (λ) – 0.09 W / mK. With these prices and a yield of about 1 square meter per 25 kg, the price per square meter of a thermal insulating plaster is 40 € square meter.

Sound absorbing plaster: price per square meter

sound-absorbing plaster is used to acoustically insulate a room. This type of plaster is premixed with rock wool and cement. Materials with high sound insulation properties.

Generally, to acoustically insulate a wall, a layer of sound-absorbing plaster is laid together with rock wool panels.

The price per square meter for a sound-absorbing plaster is around € 22 – € 26 per square meter.

Flame retardant plaster: price per square meter

If you need to make a fire-resistant wall, you need to use a fire retardant plaster. It is a premixed plaster with non-toxic mineral additives that protect the structures from a possible fire and reduce any post-fire remediation cost. It is a plaster based on gypsum and expanded perlite that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

A fire-resistant plaster must guarantee REI 120 fire resistance to the covering structure. The price per square meter of a finished fireproof plaster is € 14 – € 18 per square meter including supply and installation.

Fibre-reinforced plaster : price per square meter

fiber-reinforcing plaster is used to ensure greater tensile strength. This plaster reduces the risk of breakages and cracks on the walls due to external stresses. It is made with special chemical additives to make it resistant. In some situations it is also possible to join it to a metal mesh in contact with the wall, creating a reinforced plaster.

The cost of a fibre-reinforcing plaster per square meter is € 18 – € 22. If we also have to put the armed network, it goes up by about € 2 per square meter.

Cost of civil plaster for interiors

For civil plaster for interiors in building, reference is made to the last layer of the plaster. This layer is commonly called intonation, but in the entry of tender specifications of a metric calculation, it is called civil plaster. Here is an example of a metric entry for civil plaster.

Smooth civil plaster for interiors on walls or horizontal surfaces formed by a first layer of rough coat, by a second layer pulled flat with a ruler and trowel on prepared guides, finished with an overlying layer of mortar passed through a fine sieve, smoothed with a metal trowel, thickness overall mm 15.

The civil plaster application technique is called shaving or stabilization. This very fine plaster consists of a mortar based on slaked lime and fine sand to make the surface smooth and homogeneous. Once installed it is ready to be painted or decorated.

The cost of civil plaster for interiors is about € 8 per 25 kg, about € 4 per square meter. As for the cost of shaving or stabilization per square meter, it is about € 5 – € 6 per square meter.

Cost of laying the plaster per square meter

The plaster must be laid in a workmanlike manner. Generally, the thickness of the plaster on an internal or external wall is usually 1.5 cm or at most 2 cm. Too thick plaster is a sign of hasty and poor quality installation work.

The cost of laying the internal plaster can vary from € 15 up to € 30 per square meter deriving from the price of the material and the three-stage drafting procedure:

  • Reinzaffo
  • Curl
  • Shaving

The rough coat phase is the first process for the reconstruction of the plaster. It consists of the first layer that is in contact with the masonry (also known as base plaster, first coat, laced or sketch). I have to play the role of mechanical strength and to make the subsequent layers adhere. This plaster has a coarse grain size to create rough “clinging” areas of the next layer.

Once the rough coat has been laid, proceed with the capriccio (also known as rustic plaster, finishing or second-hand plaster). This plaster has an average grain size compared to the previous one and is laid for 1.5 to 2 centimetres. This is the real layer of plaster that must perform the various functions envisaged (dehumidifying, thermal insulation, fire retardant, …).

The laying of the plaster is completed with plaster (also known as civil plaster, plaster veil, …). The plaster is the last layer and has a function of protection of the underlying layers and of final aesthetics. For this reason, there are also coloured plasters for aesthetic reasons.

To find out the cost of laying the internal and external plaster, entrust an expert who, after an inspection, is able to evaluate the initial situation, count the square meters to be developed, and how to do the job in the best possible way.

A quote to redo the internal and external plaster

At this point, to know the final cost of the work and to choose the best plaster to solve your problems, you must rely on an expert company. In order to save money and make the best choice, it is important to compare different quotes.

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