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Mear Me offer hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Risskov near Aarhus. Hypnosis/hypnotherapy is a scientific and well-proven method that can be used for many different problems.

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Near Me offer hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Risskov near Aarhus. Hypnosis/hypnotherapy is a scientific and well-proven method that can be used for many different problems.

As a licensed psychologist, I often use hypnosis for specific issues, such as a phobia and some forms of anxiety, such as performance anxiety, exam anxiety, social phobia, fear of flying, or anxiety about spiders or other animals. Hypnosis also has a great effect on several forms of addiction, such as smoking, overeating or alcohol. Hypnosis can also be used for pain.

I can also use hypnosis as part of the therapy, where the hypnosis e.g. is well suited to examine where different states, emotions, or action patterns originate.


In short, hypnosis can help us to use our own resources to remedy the problems we have.

The hypnosis includes a visualization. Visualization can be described as thinking in inner images. It can be images of real events or of fantasies, about something impending or a current theme.

By going through these inner images, you can see yourself in a new way in the imagined situations and spot new possibilities. Your brain “experiences” what happened in the visualization, as if it really happened, and thereby you can change the pathways of the neurons in the brain.

This way, you will have easier access to your resources a second time. For example, if you are going to have a difficult conversation. Once you have imagined that you could be present for the conversation in a good way, the brain / you are more set on that it can be done well. The more times you imagine it, the more you believe it will probably go well.

When it comes to isolated issues such as anxiety (eg performance anxiety or fear of flying) or a phobia of something specific, it can often be treated more than twice. First time 1 hour and the second time 1 hour.


First, there will be a conversation about the problem and about what you want to achieve – ie. how you would like it in different situations without that problem. Then brief hypnosis.

Next time we meet, we will talk about how it has gone since the last time and what either needs to be said or what should be the focus this time in the hypnosis.

During hypnosis, you sit in a chair and I will guide you to a relaxed state. By being in a relaxed state, you have easier access to your resources in the subconscious. If you are not in this relaxed state, your consciousness can often get in the way and tell you that “I can not”, “it will never happen anyway”, etc.

You can remember what happened during the hypnosis – unless you fall asleep ;-), and we can also talk together along the way. You can say at any time if you want to stop.

Near Me will guide you through in relation to the chosen method. After the hypnosis, we talk about what you experienced.

For some of the methods, Near Me recommend that the hypnosis be recorded (eg on your mobile). Thereby it can be heard many times at home. This is one of the reasons why only two sessions are needed for some of the problems.

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