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The activity of the HR Consultant, like that of most professionals, has undergone profound changes in recent years.

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The activity of the HR Consultant

The activity of the HR Consultant, like that of most professionals, has undergone profound changes in recent years.

To clarify, with the term HR Consultant we mean all those professionals who carry out, both autonomously and on behalf of companies, consultancy activities and/or the supply of services intended to favour the management of human resources within organizations.

The Temporary HR Manager

Another figure taken into consideration is that of the Temporary HR Manager who has specific skills and abilities necessary for all those companies that are facing periods of great changes but have never examined and/or organized the correct management of resources internally. human.

By resorting to a Temporary HR Manager, companies can make use of a human resources professional who has acquired experience in several organizations and who undertakes for a specific period to solve a specific criticality or act as mentor to an internal resource who will then human resources management is in hand.

The HR  Consultant  in the 2.0 era

How to provide HR consulting in the age of the internet

The HR Consultant is today in the middle of a new paradigm: 

  1. the demand for HR Services increases
  2. competition increases
  3. increases the professionalism of customers
  4. Internet

It is a fact: the HR Consultant today is faced with the management of their work activity in an increasingly chaotic and complex way.

  • it must find the time to update itself in order to be able to respond to the requests of its customers who are increasingly demanding and informed;
  • it must necessarily find the time to acquire new customers: the competition does it… and it is ever more numerous
  • cannot underestimate the potential that the internet offers.

HR consultant yes, but also an expert in marketing, sales, web …

HR Consultants generally like to do their job and tend to postpone, if not completely give up, promotional activities aimed at acquiring new customers. 

… and word of mouth?

Most of the Consultants who had managed over the years to build a large customer portfolio by adopting word of mouth as the only marketing “strategy”, are forced to face the competition that comes from the Internet.

They, therefore, realize that there are real opportunities in the 2.0 era … and if they do not want to be carried away customer after customer by those who have, so to speak, “evolved”, they must necessarily adapt.

Internet: an opportunity also for HR Consultants

With the internet it seems that everything has become easier, even for the HR Consultant (in part it is): it is enough to have a website, a blog, 5000 contacts on Linkedin … and the customers arrive in the rain.

Are you sure this is the case?

It is necessary to make some clarifications.

On the internet, there are millions of “beautiful” sites that are visited almost exclusively by their owners and some of their acquaintances. We then see several “commercial” publications on the various “showcase pages” made available by social media; these too are often viewed by the same people as above.

Having said this, is it so essential to invest resources to make ourselves known by those who already know us? How to reach “new customers”?

Implement 2.0 strategies

The Internet is a showcase on the world, but the whole world is not the target for an HR Consultant who must therefore be able to define and identify their “business person”, reach them, approach them with web marketing strategies, such as:

  • systems for the acquisition of ” profiled traffic “: information content and optimization of the website from an SEO perspective, social media, advertising campaigns (Adwords, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, etc.); 
  • conversion systems (“sales funnel”) to transform “potential customers” into “customers.”

It is therefore not enough to “launch” some “advertising information” on social media from time to time. Rather …

Social networks are an excellent “lead generation” system but they are useless if they are not taken care of, implemented, constantly monitored (also to be able to intervene, if necessary, to “quell” negative comments that can have devastating effects on the web!), or to respond promptly to questions posed by “followers”.

To evolve into an HR 2.0 Consultant, the HR Consultant must therefore invest a lot of his time to learn and update himself, running the great risk of neglecting “his” work.

Two solutions to immediately become an HR 2.0 Consultant (without wasting time)

1st solution …

Near Me is the name of the portal completely dedicated to favouring the meeting between the supply and demand of all HR Services.

By means of marketing campaigns, Near Me collects the requests that come directly from companies, verifies them and sends them to the HR Consultants registered on the portal, saving them time and money that they would otherwise use for marketing activities.

2nd solution …

It's called B2B Services agency Consulting  Web Marketing ” specialist ” to exclusively support Companies and  Professionals working in the field of  Human Resources.

B2B Services offers:

➢ consultancy and personalized training on the use of digital marketing
➢ market analysis, brand positioning and social reputation
➢ inbound marketing plans for the generation of new contacts
➢ online communication plans (content marketing – social media marketing)

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