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Being at home is always more comfortable for any patient. For this reason, in some cases, in which the medical situation of the patient allows him to be treated in the tranquility of his home, his transfer from the clinic to his home will be ordered.

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Medical attention is the most important thing in life. For this reason, it must be taken into particular consideration anytime people take any medical action. Oftentimes, due to lack of time or other possible matters related to a person's schedule, he doesn't go to the clinic on time and due to that, he might lose his chance for recovery.

Domiciliary Care Near Me has changed the way people see getting treated as they are able to do it in their own house and are not forced to move around whenever they need some health attention

How much does the Home Nursing Service cost?

Pronto Care provides a team of nurses to provide home care for all the contracted time. As we offer three periods (8, 12 and 24 hours), the price to contract the service is proportional to what was contracted. For this reason, we ask that you fill out our form to receive a personalized quote.

Just enter your full name, e-mail, telephone, enter “budget for home nursing” and inform how many nurses you need, for how many days, hours and the profile of the person who will be assisted (type of limitation, illnesses, etc.)

Home Care Nursing with trained health professionals

Dealing with people's health requires technical knowledge and, mainly, empathy to understand the real needs of each individual, as well as patience to understand that patients are more resistant to the indicated treatment.

The home care cherishes family who trust the lives of their loved to health professionals.

We understand how delicate this moment is for the patient and the family, that's why our nurses act humanely and with all respect.

Patient Type

In the Home Hospitalization Program there are three types of patients:

Acute patient

  • People who are admitted for short periods of time are cared for while they regain their ability to return to normal activities of daily life. In these cases, the objective of the program is to complete treatments started in the hospital environment.

Patient with disabilities

  •  Interdisciplinary care services are provided for the established time to achieve training for the patient and their family in the adaptation and recovery process upon returning home.

Patient at the end of life

  •  The interdisciplinary team of professionals provides treatment and support measures in cases of patients who, due to their illness, need to receive palliative care.

How to access the service?

Those patients who, at the request of the hospital institution or their treating physician, have been assessed by the program's care team, are considered suitable and have authorization from the affiliation entity, enter the program.

The objective is to accompany the patient in their recovery process when they return home. It is made up of a group of professionals with the training and availability to transfer the care services of a clinic to the patient's home, which has logistical support to provide the necessary equipment and products during patient care. The patient has the elements and personnel required for adequate recovery. 

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