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The maintenance of gutters and downspouts is among the interventions that must be carried out with a certain regularity, at least once a year.

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The intervention takes on priority importance to counteract other problems that can occur due to neglect : water that does not flow in the correct way can overflow from the gutter line, causing infiltrations, molds or the deterioration of important structural parts such as roof or walls.

Thanks to the double safety cable technology, Ediliziacrobatica® guarantees intervention in record times in any point of the building, even where it would not be possible to reach with the traditional and more expensive method of scaffolding.

How the interventions are carried out

All our operators are highly trained and specialized for work at height on ropes, guaranteeing the utmost professionalism in carrying out the work: Ediliziacrobatica® uses the technology of the double safety rope to intervene quickly, precisely and more economically than traditional methods. construction.

Specifically, the processing is performed following these steps:

  • Inspection of the affected area
  • Elimination and cleaning of materials that obstruct the correct passage of water
  • Verification of correct operation
  • Verification of the integrity of the structure

To feel more comfortable and prevent the leaves from stagnating for months in the gutters, it is possible to install a covering of the same, using nets that allow access to water but prevent the accumulation of the largest debris.

The EdiliziAcrobatica® gutter cleaning service – which also includes inspection, restoration and maintenance interventions – can be provided through advantageous annual contracts studied ad hoc with the condominium .

The advantages obtained from an acrobatic work

  • Maximum well-being for residents: the absence of scaffolding prevents the risk of theft or intrusion from the outside into a condominium or building, there is no typical visual discomfort created by the presence of scaffolding and there are no limits of freedom in the open windows and reach outdoor spaces such as balconies and terraces.
  • No limits to intervene: with the rope work technique our operators have no problem in accessing and reaching the points considered inaccessible for many.
  • Record times for processing: we assure you a high speed in the execution of the interventions, not using any scaffolding to lift the staff, we do not have to assemble or disassemble any structure.
  • Economic savings: closely linked to all the costs of scaffolding, which are never used by acrobatic workers.

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