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Golf is accessible at cheaper prices than a gym or swimming pool … in fact, you can join only one part of the Club, designed specifically to meet all the needs of beginners: the Mirasole Golf Club offers all the opportunities you need, the Practice Range, the Executive Course, the Putting Green and the Clubino, allow you to play golf all year round for less than a capuccino and brioche a day.

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Do you remember those mornings and afternoons spent with family or friends and not knowing how or what to do because the sun is an attraction you cannot give up? possible? Here: imagine that 10/15 minutes from your home Near Me there is a natural oasis of large green spaces, between trees and lakes populated by fauna and flora that will make you experience the pleasure of immersing yourself in nature.
Walking in the green means carrying out an ancestral activity that all people, young and old, should habitually practice. In ancient times man went hunting to get food, today in modern times the motivation of walking can be found thanks to sticks and a ball, in a challenge with yourself or with friends or among the people you care about: you can throw the ball as if it were a prey that you have to bring home … by posting it. 

What if you really like it?

If your first time on a golf course made you want to hit the ball another 100, 1000 times, don't worry: you are just at the beginning of the fantastic emotions that this game can give you! And Near Me how to accompany you step-by-step, shot-shot until you become a golfer. Golf has a great virtue great socialization skills. Start playing with your friends or relatives or simply alone, because unlike any other sport in golf the only opponent in the field, the principle is that you play against the field which is the same for everyone. measured by how many strokes one takes to finish the course. Tall or short, thin or fat, man or woman, children or grandparents can play together without discrimination whatsoever. The most skilled player gives the less skilled player an advantage according to the Handicap rules that are recognized in the world wherever you are perhaps for a golf vacation.

The most complete formula of the course for beginners takes you to the field: after a few lessons on the fundamentals and basic sticks, you can already start playing the  9 holes of the Executive Course.

When you have assessed that Golf is the sport for you, you can think about starting to equip yourself with golf clubs. You can find both new and used ones at totally affordable prices, on average 250 – 300 € for a complete kit (10-14 sticks). In the Pro-shop Near Mee, there is a wide choice and the Maestro will be able to guide you in choosing a golf bag with the equipment that best suits your needs. At this point, all you have to do is a train in the  Practice Range and on the  Executive Path to improve what the teacher has taught you. And up to now, you have faced an expense in line with any other sport: 200 euros for a complete course of 10 lessons with friends. And you can already play the  Executive 9 holes and you've packed a gift for a lifetime. 

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Local Golf Coaches Near Me at your service. Get quotes from Golf Coaches Near You.

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Our Golf Instruction Near You will be able to help with any questions you may have. We know how frustrating it used to be to get a nearby Golf Lessons.

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