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Having a large plot with a garden, we often decide to build a gazebo. This type of detached building is the perfect place to relax in spring, summer and even early autumn in favourable weather. 

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Construction of an arbour

Having a large plot with a garden, we often decide to build a gazebo. This type of detached building is the perfect place to relax in spring, summer and even early autumn in favourable weather. A large and well-designed gazebo is also a perfect place for meetings, parties and events. What is worth knowing about building a garden arbour?

How much does it cost to build a garden arbour?

The cost of putting up a garden gazebo depends on the material we want to use for construction. Wooden garden arbours are the most popular. They blend in perfectly with the greenery of the garden, and their construction is relatively quick and cheap. The final price for a wooden gazebo will depend on its size, materials used and the quality of the finish. A small, simple wooden gazebo can cost about PLN 5,000, but if we expect something larger with a more complex structure (full walls, wooden roof), we must have a budget of about PLN 10,000.

A brick gazebo is a much more expensive, but more solid solution. Its construction takes more time and is more labour-intensive. The brick structure, however, is a guarantee that the gazebo will survive the harshest weather conditions and will serve for many years in intact conditions. When planning the construction of a brick gazebo, however, we must take into account the cost significantly exceeding PLN 10,000. The final price will depend on the complexity of the project and our expectations in terms of materials and finishing.

Legal requirements for the garden arbour

The construction of the gazebo is regulated by the construction law. Many people wonder whether they will have to obtain a building permit if they want to build a gazebo. The answer is yes and no – it all depends on what kind of gazebo we want to build.

It is possible to erect a gazebo without applying for a permit, but several conditions must be met. The area of ​​the gazebo may not exceed 35 m 2 and its height 5 m in the case of a gable roof or 4 m in the case of a flat roof. There may be up to two buildings of this type for every 500 m 2 of the plot.

In addition, the technical conditions of the building and its location regarding the distance of the gazebo from the neighbouring plot must be met:

  • 1.5 m of the plot border, if the plot on which we erect the gazebo has a width not exceeding 16 m 2 ;
  • 3 m from the border of the plot, if the gazebo is facing it with a wall without window or door openings;
  • 4 m from the plot border, if the gazebo is facing it with a wall with window or door openings.

Designation of a place for the construction of a gazebo

An important aspect influencing the functionality of the gazebo is its location in the garden. The gazebo should be located in a relatively secluded part of the plot so that it is too exposed to neighbours or passers-by. If there is a fairly busy road adjacent to our house, it is worth erecting a gazebo on the other part of the plot, if possible.

It is worth paying some attention to the location of the gazebo in relation to the house. If we know that in the spring and summer period we will often eat meals there or organize meetings with family and friends, then let us place it in such a way that it is convenient to transport dishes and dishes between the kitchen and the gazebo. 

Of course, we don't have to stick it to the house. It is enough that the front of the gazebo is in close proximity to the kitchen window, which will greatly facilitate the preparation of the gazebo for the visit of guests.

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