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In places where the opening and closing of the gate is frequent, such as residential condominiums and shopping centres, it is common that over time the wear of engine parts occurs. However, engine repair can be economically more advantageous, even more so when problem identification is made quickly

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Top questions about garage door motor repair:

Is it better to fix or replace the garage door motor?

In places where the opening and closing of the gate is frequent, such as residential condominiums and shopping centers, it is common that over time the wear of engine parts occurs. However, engine repair can be economically more advantageous, even more so when problem identification is made quickly. In this case, the repair of internal parts costs around R$700.  If the parts are burnt and the engine is damaged, the exchange considering the cost of a new device and installation is around R$1,300.

What can prevent garage door motor problems?

Preventive engine maintenance and periodic adjustment of the counterweight can help reduce the frequency of problems with the garage door motor. In addition, avoiding sequential gate activation is important to prevent wear. 

Can you open the automatic gate when it's broken?

Yes, for tilting and pivoting motors it is possible to handle the padlock and iron pin that connects the gate arm to the motor, releasing the connection for mechanical handling while I wait for maintenance on the motor. In the sliding motor, it is necessary to unlock the rear of the motor and release the inside of the lock that controls the gate leaf, so its movement becomes manual until the gate motor is repaired. 

Know the main problems of the garage door motor:

Carry out a garage door engine inspection

The inspection is the first step in repairing the garage door motor and its main objectives are to identify and adjust technical problems. Through a team specialized in maintenance, it may be recommended to change the engine for a more powerful one, or even the installation of an additional engine, or the exchange of specific engine parts. The type of problem with the garage door motor will influence the price charged for the service. The average price for a garage door inspection is R$450.

Repair garage door motor

When the garage door does not work properly, one of the first steps to check is the engine board fuse. This part may be burned, preventing it from working properly. If this is the case, the exchange can cost around R$290. When the problem is in the closing of the automatic gate, for example, you should check if the automation board is damaged and needs adjustment, the adjustment service of the garage door opener costs around R$250. 

Install garage door motor

The installation of a garage door motor varies according to the models of the gates and must have a specialized technician to carry out the service. The labour to install a garage door motor costs around R$1,000. Installation depends on the motor model compatible with the gate, they can be: sliding for gates up to 500 and 600 kg, and tilting and pivoting for lighter gates. The prices of automated gates vary between R$1,200 and R$4,500.

Replace garage door motor

There are different types of garage door motors with prices from R$270 to R$1,200. Changing the motors requires a professional who works with electrical damage, and changing a garage door motor costs around R$700.  The service may be necessary when there are problems with the closing of the gate or its opening flow. To carry out the exchange, it is important to be aware of the standards of the garage door motor manufacturer, and also the capacity of the property's electrical network. 

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