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Are you planning to build a free-standing garage? Watch out for the distances from the plot border. As in the case of building a house, the regulations impose certain restrictions on the location of the garage on the property. 

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You cannot build a free-standing garage in any place of the plot, which is most convenient from the investor's point of view. You have to comply with local regulations ( local spatial development plan, if it has been adopted for a given area) and technical conditions, which determine the distance between buildings and the border of the building plot on which they are located.

A detached garage in a single-family housing can be built at a distance from the plot border not less than :

  • 4 m – when the garage is facing it with a wall with a window or door;
  • 3 m – when there are no openings in this wall;
  • 1.5 m – when permitted by the provisions of the local zoning plan, either the plot is narrower than 16 m, or the length of the planned garage will not exceed 6.5 m, and the height – 3 m (from the border side, the wall cannot have windows or doors);
  • directly at the border – when permitted by the provisions of the local plan, either the plot is narrower than 16 m, or the length of the planned garage will not exceed 6.5 m and the height – 3 m, or the garage will adjoin the wall of the building on the neighbouring plot with its wall.

A detached garage next to a single-family house should have:

  • minimum height of 2.2 m in the light of the structure, and 2 m to the underside of pipes and installation devices (if any)
  • entrance or garage door width at least 2.3 m, and their clear height – 2 m;
  • parking spaces with dimensions not smaller than 2.5 x 5 m, with a distance of at least 0.3 m between the long edge of the stand and the wall. This means the minimum width of a single garage is 3.1 m (2 x 0.3 + 2.5), and for a two-car seat – 5.6 m;
  • electric lighting installation;
  • ensured air exchange (ventilation). If the garage floor level is below ground level and we will park a propane-butane-powered car in it, it should be mechanical ventilation controlled by gas concentration sensors;
  • floor drains with a siphon and sedimentation tanks if there is a water supply or sprinkler fire protection system in it;
  • the floor in the garage with a slope to the sewage inlet or directly to the unpaved area of ​​the plot;
  • a fire separation wall, if it is located within the plot boundary.

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