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The French language is a reputedly difficult idiom.

This observation is obvious, whether you are a foreigner learning French in France, whether you are starting to learn to read and write in elementary school or whether you are a high school student in full revisions. of the French bac.

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The French language is a reputedly difficult idiom.

This observation is obvious, whether you are a foreigner learning French in France, whether you are starting to learn to read and write in elementary school or whether you are a high school student in full revisions. of the French bac.

Some  French grammar rules are sometimes very complicated to understand, some French mistakes are sometimes quite difficult to avoid.

Our beautiful language of Molière, which was, let us remember, the language of the elites in Europe, especially during the 18th century, is not easy to tame.

Taking French lessons appears to be an obvious solution, if not essential, for those who want to improve their level and progress in a sustainable manner.

But private lessons at home or in a language school, despite the 50% tax reduction they can provide, often prove too expensive for low-income families.

However, many educational support associations or associations intended for learning French as a foreign language provide access to free French lessons!

Delivered by volunteers all over France, these free courses attempt in particular to redress the educational inequalities suffered by French students.

For a better sharing of knowledge and a real transmission of knowledge, Superprof has toured the best free French courses in France.

Those who have academic difficulties and want to benefit from free lessons can go there to progress in French in particular.

Recognized as a public utility, this 1901 law association helps many children to follow the path to academic success every year, and in particular through sustained learning of the French language.

Each year, 150,000 children leave the school system without a diploma. The vocation of ESA is to fight against dropping out of school.

All children have the right to the same opportunity.

Starting from this principle, the volunteers of the association help students whose parents have financial problems.

Near Me,  defines its objectives in three key points:

  1. Personalized individual lessons from  1st to 12th grade,
  2. Cultural outings to allow the student to improve his level of  general culture,
  3. Parents sensitized to their child's learning.

These are home lessons. Many associations make this choice, in order to have the student study in a familiar environment.

It also allows the volunteer teacher and the learner to establish a real relationship of trust.

The French  lessons  take place once a week, and the volunteer trainers have very varied profiles:

  • High school students,
  • Students,
  • Assets,
  • Unemployed,
  • Retirees …

With around a hundred centres in France, managed by more than 200 animation managers, there is undoubtedly a branch near you.

3070 volunteers help more than 3,730 children in difficulty with the French language. And that number is growing every year.

From primary school to high school, preparation for the French test for the patent or the bac, these French lessons take the form of individual lessons.

They are given at the student's home by the volunteer, who truly adapts each of his private French lessons to the profile of his learner.

Secours Populaire also fights against illiteracy and gives everyone the opportunity to learn French in order to reduce exclusion.

Thus, to learn French, introductory courses are offered to migrants and people with little education whose mother tongue is French. The lessons are reserved for people with integration difficulties: reading the mail, understanding your neighbour, talking on the phone, shopping … All everyday situations that require a mastery of French are discussed.

Subsequently and depending on the level of the student, it is possible to take the DILF (Initial Diploma of French Language). In addition, information and prevention workshops are given alongside French lessons (nutritional balance, access to rights, health system, etc.).

Learn French as a Foreign Language for Free

If the previous associations also offer to teach French to foreigners, others have made it their core target.

When a foreigner arrives in France to settle there, for whatever reason, one of the first objectives is to  master the French language .

A French  test  is even imposed on those who want to acquire French nationality. Language and culture are indeed two intrinsically linked concepts.

Catholic Relief

Secours Catholique also helps non-French speaking foreigners learn French free of charge.

According to the local branches of the association, these courses are two or three hours per week, but require, for better development, additional personal work to be provided.

These French courses allow you to learn grammar, spelling and conjugation in the language of Molière.

At the same time and to offer learners a total immersion in  French culture, cultural outings are regularly organized by the association.

More than 5,000 Secours Catholique volunteers throughout France support thousands of children and adults in their access to a better command of French. French learning workshops for people who have already been educated in their country of origin or literacy workshops, the Secours Catholique offers FLE courses to help autonomy in daily life, to train but also to find a job.

All this with the aim of fostering social ties and combating exclusion.

Assets Courses

Very involved in the integration of foreigners in France, the Parisian association  Atouts Cours  created by three teachers offers  French courses in France  through several axes:

  • The grammar,
  • The conjugation,
  • Spelling,
  • French civilization.

These French courses for foreigners are taught by volunteers, who may be former teachers, students, retirees, etc.

The emphasis is on group lessons, to promote exchanges between all the nationalities present around the table.

Knowing how to read, write and  speak French  is important, whether you are a schoolboy, college student, high school student or foreigner:  French lessons  allow, whatever the level of difficulty,  to improve .

Learning the French language is an essential element for integration into French territory. This is why the association of 18 th district of Paris has established language training:

  • Literacy: basic reading and writing skills,
  • French as a Foreign Language: several levels of learning French,
  • Service public writer to help with resume writing, cover letter, job offers …

In all, there are 110 weekly workshops for 1,200 registrants and 188 volunteers . The emphasis is above all on access to employment: this must be the primary motivation of learners enrolling in the association.

Other ways to learn French for free in France

Learning a language when you are a foreigner and/or when you lack the money to pay for private French lessons, can be experienced as quite complicated.

Fortunately, there are many means in France to get out of this situation.

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