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The tradition of setting fireworks and firecrackers is entertainment with over two thousand years of tradition. Invented in ancient China, fireworks are still used to celebrate holidays and special events.

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Wholesale fireworks and firecrackers – online store Warsaw

The tradition of setting fireworks and firecrackers is entertainment with over two thousand years of tradition. Invented in ancient China, fireworks are still used to celebrate holidays and special events.

Our fireworks store has ten years of experience in selling fireworks in Warsaw. We offer the highest quality goods that meet all safety standards. We participate in the “Safe Shooting” campaign aimed at making our customers aware of the proper use of fireworks.

Online fireworks store

Our store has a wide range of pyrotechnics. We are proud of the offer of our warehouse – apart from standard fireworks, we have advanced equipment for stage pyrotechnics or shows, as well as small items such as fireworks and firecrackers. Our online store offers products that give beautiful light and sound effects to enliven any event during which they will be “fired”.

For convenience, the different effects of fireworks have different markings. So fireworks like “chrysanthemums” shoot dense, irregular spheres, “willows” – a dozen or so arms that fall down like tree branches or waves, ie arms of equal length with a golden ball at the end.

Firecrackers and fireworks

Our warehouse is a tycoon on the fireworks, fireworks and pyrotechnic equipment market. Cheap fireworks from our store are added to special events in Warsaw and all over Poland – we offer the highest quality goods, safe with appropriate precautions, reliable and always at a reasonable price. We organize numerous internet contests, and we also participate in campaigns promoting the safe use of fireworks.

A properly arranged fireworks show can add splendor to a wedding, prom or an integration trip. Pyrotechnics is also an important field in film and theater, allowing for fascinating lighting effects and realistic bursts. Fireworks Wholesale “Cheap Fireworks” provides the most professional equipment at the lowest possible price. In such a sensitive field, the quality of the products offered is important, so our range meets all possible safety standards. We have been operating on the market for 10 years and during this time we carefully select our goods in terms of quality. We also have an extensive promotion department, with discounts up to 30% of the starting price.

Wholesale with fireworks – attractive prices

Our entire range of fireworks is available with delivery to the customer via courier or express direct delivery. It is also possible to pick up the order at our headquarters in Warsaw. We also provide our regular customers with the possibility of obtaining discounts through regular purchases or recommendations from our warehouse. The more you buy, the greater the discount will be charged on your next order. All additional information on discounts, rebates, payments and delivery can be found in the “Help” tab at the top of the page.

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