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You don't need to search for ‘family counseling near me' whenever there is a conflict between your family members – family counseling can also be useful as a preventive measure, done proactively.

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What is family counselling?

Family counselling is a type of therapy that brings family members together to resolve conflicts, improve communication, or deal with stressful or traumatic events. Unlike individual therapy, family counselling is often short term. and usually consists of six to ten sessions. Your goal is to create or re-establish healthy family dynamics.

While sessions ideally involve all family members concerned about the problem, not all family members need to participate for sessions to be considered family therapy. Unlike individual therapy, which seeks to address thought patterns within the individual, family therapy addresses individual problems within the scope of the larger family unit, with a focus on building open lines of communication and mutual understanding between members to resolve problems.

When should you seek family counselling?

The reasons why a family may seek counselling are as diverse as the families themselves. More commonly, family counselling may be sought in response to:

  • Restructuring of the family unit (separation, divorce, remarriage)
  • Behavioural Problems of Children and Adolescents
  • substance abuse
  • Trauma
  • Illness or death of a loved one
  • Domestic violence
  • Major life changes or transitions such as birth or relocation

Although the presence of one or more of these circumstances does not always require family counselling, other signs such as emotional outbursts, increased arguments, social withdrawal, keeping secrets, and breaking the rules may be indicators that family counselling may be beneficial.

You don't need to search for ‘family counselling near me' whenever there is a conflict between your family members – family counselling can also be useful as a preventive measure, done proactively. Even if there are issues that aren't putting family members at odds, it might be a good time to start seeking family counselling. It is also important to note that family counselling sessions are not limited to the nuclear family or even blood relatives. Everyone involved in family dynamics—including stepparents, stepchildren, significant others, and extended family—has essential roles to play.

What happens in family counselling sessions?

A typical family counselling session usually lasts about 50 minutes and involves the participation of several family members. As with individual counselling, in the first session, the therapist will take time to get to know each family member, ask about the family's history and structure, and clarify why the family sought help. Listening to responses and observing how family members interact with each other allows the therapist to identify problems and develop a sense of family dynamics.

Most sessions will include all affected family members, although therapists will often ask to speak with individual family members or even recommend complementary individual therapy. Whenever multiple parties are present, the therapist will establish some ground rules of respect and confidentiality to facilitate discussion.

Family Counseling Techniques

The therapeutic techniques employed in family counselling sessions vary between therapists and family issues. The most common forms of family counselling are Bowenian, Structural, Systemic and Strategic approaches.


Sometimes the presence of a particular family member can cause stress or anxiety in another family member. In the Bowenian approach, the therapist works individually with the anxious family member without others to help them learn to control their response to the anxiety-inducing family member. Some common tools and techniques include interpreting and writing letters.


The structural approach focuses on establishing a healthy family structure. This process can include promoting an appropriate hierarchy and correcting inappropriate power imbalances.


The systemic model urges the therapist to understand the motivations and subconscious factors behind behaviour patterns among family members. The objective is to go beyond the “what” of family discord to the “why” of resolving conflicts and tensions.


The strategic approach is perhaps the most results-oriented. The therapist prescribes specific actions to reframe a problem into a positive solution.

Regardless of the method, family counselling sessions are designed to identify patterns of behaviour, give each family member a voice, promote empathy, and set healthy boundaries.

The Benefits of Family Counseling

While the purpose of family counseling is primarily to resolve a particular conflict or issue, its benefits do not stop there. By committing to the family therapy process with openness, honesty, and a true desire to improve, family members often come away with:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Stronger communication skills
  • Stronger family bonds and a better support system
  • Improved Conflict Resolution Skills

These skills also help individuals to build and strengthen positive relationships in the future, both within and outside family dynamics.

How to Find a Family Counselor

You will likely find many options when searching for ‘family counselling near me'; It's important to know how to choose the right therapist for you and your family. While finding a qualified provider can take time and patience, researching to find a therapist whose expertise matches your needs will have long-term results. Here are some extra resources for finding the best family counselling provider:

  • Try online therapy to find a family counselor on platforms like Talkspace.
  • Use the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy's
  • Ask for a recommendation from your doctor, friends, co-workers or religious authority.
  • Ask your insurer for a list of providers within the network. This way, it also ensures that your provider will be covered by your health insurance plan.
  • Search the listings provided by Psychology Today .

worth it

Family counseling is not easy – it requires patience, honesty and empathy – but living with family pain and conflict is much more difficult.

Doing the work to promote communication, resolve conflicts, and establish healthy boundaries professional with the guidance of a professional is key to family health and happiness. So if you think you have enough information, go ahead and search for “family counselling near me” now!

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