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Ever wondered how Explainer Videos can be the most powerful marketing tool you have and why they are so effective? It is no secret that brands use this content to promote, educate, sell their product or service.

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if you are still in doubt whether or not you need an Explainer Video for your marketing strategy then we invite you to read these facts. Our mission was to show just how useful explaining videos can really be when it comes to grasping customers' attention and making more sales. We came up with the idea of doing a research among our audience and asked them what they think about Explainer Videos after watching them on various landing pages of companies they know.

It is interesting what people had to say about different types of Explainer Videos.

To be honest, there are a lot of people who don't look into Explainer Videos in great depth – they often consider them as a part of marketing collateral. They guess that the video is showing something important this company or product has to offer. However, we need to understand how an Explainer Video works before we can estimate its power and discover its true value for the business.

Is it really effective explaining videos a good way to get attention from online audience?

Let's not waste time on guessing and checking it out! We have decided to ask our audience whether they watched an Explainer Video before they made a purchase decision. The answers we got were really impressive, over 50% of people said YES. It means that Explainer Videos are important for businesses no matter what industry you operate in.

And the results from the second part of this research raise even more questions about why companies leave their sales on mercy of customers who read text and try to find all necessary information about products or services on their own. Almost 30% of respondents immediately started looking for Information about brand/company after watching Explainer Video –and those are just people who answered honestly! What makes us think that the rest of audience do the same? After all, it takes only a couple seconds to check out what other people are saying about this company or product on social media and forums.

On one hand, Explainer Videos help business reach more customers by explaining in simple way what they offer –but on the other they make life much easier for potential clients as well. So we get back to earlier question: Is explaining video services really effective? The results of our research should convince you how important Explainer Videos really are!

The next obvious question is – How many Explainer Videos can your business afford and why not make them yourself instead of hiring an Explainer Video Agency? It's a great idea if you are a creative person and have not only enough time but also desire to engage in video production. But if you are like many other business owners – it is better to hire an Explainer Video Agency so you can spend more time doing what really matters for your project and business.

What aspects of Explainer Videos do customers like the most?

The first thing businesses think about when they decide to create an Explainer Video is: How much does it cost? And why do companies pay that money? Here's our list of 5 reasons why hiring an Expert Explainer Video Production Company makes sense!

1) Attract Customers with Consistent Branding Look – The first effective way of presenting your company or product in an Explainer Video is using its visual elements. For example, if a logo is dark blue and red, make sure it will be in exactly the same colours when placed on your Explainer Video!

2) Make Your Explainer Videos Unique – Using story-telling techniques you can easily create an Explainer Video that will influence your audience in a positive way. Telling a story about how your product or company was created is one of the ways to get user's trust.

3) Communicate More Information than You Think – It seems obvious that you can tell more about what you do in video format than with just written information. But how many times do we avoid doing things by saying «I'll explain later»? Explainer Videos allow you to briefly communicate with customers and inform them of your company's values.

4) Quickly Produce Your Explainer Video – If you don't have enough time or money for video production – tell it to your Explainer Video Company! They will help you create an engaging video in the shortest possible time period, but keep in mind that spending several hours editing can make a good Explainer Video even better!

5) Explain What Makes You Different From the Rest – It is important to be distinctive from the competition, so using a unique storyline «sells» your brand/product much more effectively than just words on a page –or screen. Using special effects like transitions or backgrounds can make your Explainer Video more inspiring and engaging.

Time to Get Down to Business – How Much Does it Cost?

One of the most common questions about Explainer Videos is: how much does it cost? This question can obviously be asked in many situations, but in this case we mean businesspeople who are interested in getting an Explainer Video Agency quote. The reason for using a professional agency is obvious. If you do everything on your own, you will spend too much time trying to decide what services you need and putting all the pieces together yourself. But if you ask an experienced Explainer Video Production Company for help, they will give a price estimate based on the minimum services needed for creating a specific video. Of course, there might be additional expenses, but this approach allows you to save time and money at the same time.

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