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The email marketing is a communication tool that allows the user to send messages to your email, adapting the content to different audiences for a variety of    marketing objectives.

Although email marketing is traditionally thought of as a conversion-oriented channel, in reality this tool can fulfill many  functions  and adapt to a multitude of situations.

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What is email marketing?

This technique also called emailing or e-mailing, is based on the mass sending of emails to a list of contacts. Email marketing is a mix of communication and direct marketing. Its decline has long been predicted, but this veteran marketing technique is as prevalent as it was years ago. The email marketing of recruitment or loyalty continues to be one of the most profitable and effective actions for advertisers in terms of return.      

Potential customers are easily and efficiently reached. Not only to the inboxes but directly to the customer's hand thanks to mobile devices. Many users have personal and business email configured on their smartphones or tablet. About half of the emails are opened from mobile and this forces us to make their designs responsive. To think about email marketing today is to think in mobile format, if we don't do it that way, our message will be dead even before reaching the consumer's hands. Hence, it is said many times that the evolution of email marketing is mobile email marketing. 

Definition: what is email marketing?

Email marketing is a communication tool that allows the user to send messages to your email, adapting the content to different audiences for a variety of marketing objectives.

Although email marketing is traditionally thought of as a conversion-oriented channel, in reality, this tool can fulfil many functions and adapt to a multitude of situations. These are just some examples:

  • Capture emails, to attract new customers to our brand (similar to “cold door” strategies).
  • Newsletters or informative bulletins to maintain user contact with the brand and communicate news (changes in policies, product launches …).
  • Administrative emails, for example, to send the user downloadable content or thank them for subscribing.
  • Loyalty emails, in which we seek to generate repeat purchases.

Email marketing in numbers

We can talk about the benefits and wonders of email marketing, but advertisers and marketing managers want to hear about metrics and numbers.   

It is interesting to see the results of the digital Research report on the use and perception of email marketing for 2015.  

  • Accessing the internet has become a daily activity, 100% of those surveyed claim to connect daily, as a result of the high penetration of mobile devices. Men between 35 and 44 years old are somewhat more active, but there are hardly any differences by sex and age.
  • 80% of users check their email several times a day and on social networks. Next are the consumption of multimedia content, instant messaging services and the consumption of news media.
  • Gmail, with 74%, is the email service provider preferred by users, but Hotmail is the most used to subscribe to email marketing content. 
  • Internet users have a fairly positive perception in general about email marketing, especially when it comes to product offers. The negative aspect would be a large number of emails received.
  • Consumers establish the optimal frequency of receiving emails at 1 a week, and it may be a maximum of 3 depending on the case. 
  • The mail must be direct, simple and frank, have a short and clear subject and the presence of the terms “offer” and “promotion” can favour the opening. 
  • The contents of travel, hotel and tourism offers are the ones that most favour the subscription to bulletins or newsletters.

Other sources also give us these good numbers:

  • The email marketing channel continues to have a high ROI (return on investment) since on average it returns $ 38 for every dollar invested.  
  • 48% of mail openings are made from smartphones.

The 4 fundamentals of email marketing that you should keep in mind 


1) SMART objectives and a contact strategy

It's worth going back to the basics for setting SMART goals. Email marketing is one of the techniques that marketers use when they need to get out of trouble and to increase sales and conversions.

But as the saying goes, the one who goes faster does not arrive first, but the one who knows where he is going. And marketers must take our time to establish the objectives of each email. This is when the SMART technique comes in:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable (achievable)
  • Realistic
  • Timed (time)

The SMART objectives will allow you to define clear KPIs,  the contact strategies for each campaign or scheduled email and the frequency with which emails are sent to subscribers or contact bases and in response to what events.


2) The 3 Vs to get records via email

There are many techniques to grow your subscriber base and it is vital that you make the most of your own media and get contact emails thanks to new registrations.

Keep the 3Vs in mind for this.

  • Visibility. It's pretty obvious, but make sure the subscription method and CTAs are obvious. Some potential locations are the home page, on product or destination pages, on social media profiles, on transaction confirmation pages, in transactional emails, among other places.
  • Value. Why should anyone subscribe? List the benefits in the email you send.
  • Speed. It makes email registration a quick act. Put a simple form where the person leaves their email and with a single click on a button you will be given the quick answer to what the consumer wants. Do not first put a button that takes you to another landing, where the subscription is made, but you complicate the process and you can lose potential contacts along the way.

3) Identify the correct metrics

If you have clear goals, then they should reveal the right metrics to track. 

Email marketing metrics can be divided into two types: process and results.

A few of each type:

  • Process metrics. These types of giving indicators of a trend over time, but by themselves, they do not necessarily indicate that the campaign has been successful. Some examples are:
    • Accepted rate. The percentage of emails delivered with respect to the number of emails sent.
    • Bounce rate. The percentage of emails not delivered.
    • Open rate. The percentage of open emails.
    • Click-through rate (CTR).  The percentage of recipients who have clicked on any of the links in the email.
    • Click-to-open rate (CTOR).  It is the percentage of recipients who have clicked on any of the links contained in the email divided by the number of open emails, and the result is multiplied by 100. Thus, the quality of the content and the level of engagement can be evaluated.
  • Results metrics . They measure the objectives of a company or brand and are a better indicator of the success of an email marketing campaign. Some examples are:
    • New subscribers or registration fee.
    • Conversion rate. The percentage of recipients who sign up based on the purpose of the email.
    • Value of an email address. The average lifespan of an email. This kpi is used to determine how much money you are willing to invest in obtaining a new customer.
    • Cost per acquisition. The average amount required to acquire a record or customer.
    • Return by email . The amount of income obtained during a campaign divided by the number of emails delivered, opened or clicked.
    • Return per customer . The average or median of revenue generated across all contact base members or converts.
    • Average order value.
    • Lifetime value. The money that a subscriber spends with you during their lifetime in your contact base.


4) The 3 Vs of unsubscribing

The 3 Vs not only apply to the acquisition of registrations, but also to the processes of unsubscribing or unsubscribing.

  • Visibility. Don't put it in lowercase font. Make the option look good so recipients can easily unsubscribe.
  • Value. Provides unsubscribers with an easy-to-use preferences process. This will allow recipients to change their registration address, alter the frequency of mailing or content preferences. This allows them to update their data quickly. You can also offer to contact them by other means, such as by SMS or direct mail.
  • Speed. Again, it should be quick to unsubscribe. Optimized for mobile, no need to log in and no waiting two weeks.

Email retargeting or email remarketing

Email retargeting is based on recording the behaviour of your users through cookies to offer email campaigns really tailored to your needs.  


These are the basic steps of an email retargeting plan :  

  • 1)  A user visits your website and fills in the form to subscribe to your mailing list.
  • 2)  Their name and contact details are automatically added to your email tool.
  • 3) You create a series of personalized emails to convert the interested user into a customer.
  • 4) You  send a first introductory email and measure the responses: has the user opened the email? Have you clicked on any of the links? Have you visited the page?
  • 5)  Depending on the results of step 4, you can now create personalized emails for any situation and continue to interact with your potential customer every step of the way to conversion.
  • 6)  Based on the following interactions, you can classify users into categories to offer them specially tailored email series.
  • 7)  Step by step and email to email, users consume your content until they are ready to become customers.

From this generic process, the possibilities are practically endless. Here are seven ideas to personalize your email retargeting campaigns and make your email marketing truly effective:  

  • 1)  Customize your campaigns based on searches made by the user on Google and other search engines.
  • 2)  Personalization based on the products they have seen, the actions they have taken or those they have left halfway through (for example, abandoning a shopping cart).
  • 3)  Create differentiated campaigns according to the channel through which users have reached your website.
  • 4)  Target specifically users who are active and interact with your emails, perhaps to offer them some kind of reward or special offer.
  • 5)  Target users who have visited a site affiliated with yours and that is focused on similar topics.
  • 6)  Create a specific campaign for individuals who have interacted with your brand's online games and applications.
  • 7)  Focus on users who consume similar content as your brand's clients.


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