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Always hire one electrician if you need help with electrical work such as electrical installations and cabling. They have the right skills to carry out the work in a safe and secure manner. Leave a request here to get quotes from quality assured electricians.

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For those who cannot handle electrical installations, it can involve great risk and danger to try to make such a connection. In this way, it is best to hire an electrician who is trained in the field.


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Within the term electrician, there are various areas of competence which are briefly summarized below:

There are different types of electricians. Service electrician looks at already installed installations in households while communications electrician usually looks at low-voltage installations in telecommunications and alarms as examples. One technician is usually knowledgeable in a particular area such as security issues. Industrial electrician works most often with installations in factories and electrician has installations in real estate. Distribution electrician works at energy companies that distribute electricity, such as power plants. Installation electrician checks that low-voltage installations within alarms such as telecommunications work as they should.

Via the electricity program at the high school, you can study to become an electrician. The future electrician will gain knowledge of basic theory and knowledge of what an electrician performs, which then during high school is performed for practical purposes. To be counted as an electrician, he or she must according to ECY have 2,500 approved high school credits and passed in core subjects as well as electrical courses.

When the future electrician has finished high school, it is time to apply for a job as an electrician at a company. During the first year at the company, the future electrician is counted as an apprentice as the company trains him or her in additional work steps. It is a continuing education as it is a must to take a certificate as an electrician. The apprentice receives a salary during the apprenticeship. After the apprenticeship at the electricity company, you get a certificate proving that you are an electrician.

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