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The e – commerce is a business strategy for the company in which products or services are sold through the Internet.

Having an eCommerce website , or a virtual store, translates to having a website that allows you to present your products and / or services in a dynamic way, so that the user (or visitor) can evaluate what you are selling.

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  • Reduction of costs per sale.
  • Greater integration of the client with the company.
  • People can buy in more ways.
  • More extensive product catalogues.


I propose an easy-to-manage system through Joomla! Articles. so you don't have to use any more extensions. In this way you will have the following characteristics:

  • Product management system: online catalog of products.
  • User management system: visitors to the site will be able to register to make their purchases.
  • Shopping cart: module through which the user can complete the process of selecting and purchasing products, as well as accepting payment for them.
  • Custom fields for requesting information.
  • Different payment methods (PayPal, Bank transfer …)
  • Different shipping methods .
  • Different global options for the product (with several types of fields: drop-down, radio, date …).
  • Discount coupons (fixed amount or percentage).
  • Taxes and fees
  • Countries and areas
  • Currency types
  • Report generation
  • Invoice generation
  • File downloads
  • And much more (you can see more information in the blog article: XXXX).

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