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The driveway after the winter usually does not look good. As a result, instead of decorating, it disfigures the arrangement of the front garden. It is dirty and often covered with stains that are very difficult to remove.

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How to take care of the driveway after winter?

1. Use the sweeper to remove small debris

The driveway gets dirty at a dizzying pace. Especially if you live on a busy road, in the vicinity of fields or plots of land. Dust with leaves blown up by passing cars, carried by the wind, almost constantly settles in a thin layer on the pavement, making it dirty.

It's not everything. On a rainy day, the sand blurs, which causes stains on the ankle. Then the driveway becomes really ugly. So, start cleaning up the driveway by carefully collecting all minor dirt from its surface.

Near me allows you to deal with this job more easily and 2 times faster than with a broom because it performs two separate activities at the same time. It removes dust, leaves, grass clippings lying around the house, even in hard-to-reach places (in corners, along curbs or fences). Then the collected impurities are immediately collected in a special tank.

Which sweeper to choose – manual or petrol one?

Manual sweeper

  • to work on a small surface,
  • environmentally friendly (no noise, no exhaust fumes),
  • easy to store. Thanks to the foldable handle, you can put it vertically.
  • The near me is intended for cleaning a small driveway. Two-disc brushes, rotating in opposite directions, lift leaves, twigs and acorns. At the same time, the brush roller collects fine dirt in the form of dust, dirt and grass clippings into the capacious tank.

In this way, the manual sweeper cleans the driveway with the same thoroughness over the entire surface. Comfortable work is ensured by the ergonomic handle, the height of which you can freely adjust and adapt to your height.

The advantage of manual sweepers is their operation independently of the power source. Although they work thanks to the strength of their muscles, they are light and very easy to handle. You don't get tired more when cleaning the driveway than when you walk slowly.

Petrol sweeper

  • to work on a large area, open space,
  • multi-purpose, for year-round operation (in winter it can also act as a snow thrower),
  • equipped with a manual transmission with 8 gears (6 forward, 2 reverse).
  • The near me is intended for cleaning large, open spaces (large driveway with an access road, parking lots). The machine is equipped with a solid cylindrical brush with durable bristles, which very accurately collects the dirt around the house.

    To clean the driveway once and for all, install practical accessories in the sweeper. In spring, a dust container will be useful – the equivalent of a container in which manual sweepers are equipped.

    The petrol sweeper has practical functions that facilitate spring cleaning around the house: sweeping angle adjustment and sweeping height adjustment. The first allows you to clean up dirt in hard-to-reach places, i.e. along curbs, fences or corners. The second one allows you to efficiently sweep uneven terrain, e.g. a steep driveway.

    An additional advantage of the machine is the manual transmission with 8 gears – 6 for driving forward, 2 for driving backwards. Responsible for the free manoeuvring of the machine, and thus the precise removal of dirt from every nook and cranny around the house.

If you want to intensify the washing process, it is worth reaching for the appropriate detergent:

1.for heavy dirt,

2. for washing bicycles and motorbikes.

3. for washing vehicles and boats.

Detergents differ in terms of pH. Natural agents (pH = 7) are intended for cleaning delicate surfaces – varnished, marble. Alkaline preparations (pH> 7) are used to remove greasy stains from car fluids, grease, oils and resin. The remaining ones, which are acidic (pH <7), are excellent at dealing with organic sediments (e.g. limescale deposits) and rust.

Obtaining the most satisfactory results of working with a high pressure washer depends on both the water pressure and the water flow rate generated by the high pressure pump. The larger it is, the faster you clean the driveway from dirt. The accessories for high-pressure cleaners also help. Among others:

  • angular lance

Facilitates thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach places, e.g. along curbs.

  • foam sprayer

Increases washing efficiency. It produces dense foam that stays on the cleaned surface much longer than household or store cleaning agents (e.g. washing preparations for concrete paving stones, facade renovation or car wash liquids).

In other words: it is not running down! As a result, the detergent has more time to react with the dirt. As a result, it removes them faster and more thoroughly.

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