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Maintenance of Wood Decks in Summer and Winter

Experts indicate that for the maintenance of wooden decks to generate positive results, it is necessary to pay attention to care throughout the year.

Are you one of those people who remember to maintain wooden decks in the early summer? Know that this custom can affect durability.

To avoid losses due to lack of zeal on the extra Cumaru deck, Ipê deck, Paraju beam or other types of wooden decks, follow the tips in this article.

Already tired of seeing that little dirt that harms all the aesthetics of your deck? I just installed it and want to know more about keeping this glow for a long time? So, you are in the right text.

Never be afraid or any other type of fear when taking care of wooden decks, considering that you do not need to be a specialist to perform the procedures correctly, valuing your investment.

However, if you feel that you cannot put the indications into practice, you can also hire a specialist in the field to carry out the work.

Now let us get to the tips. Any questions, leave a comment, and we'll respond quickly.

Routine Cleaning

Become a deck Cumaru Iron traditional or deck Cumaru female/female installed with loops, and it does not take long to clean daily.

Just using a broom with light feathers is enough to remove excess debris.

One day or another, it is possible to wash with water without problems. There are also products on the market to wash Ipê, Cumaru or other wood decks.

Consult the wood decking manufacturer before using any chemical solution. To remove only footprints or small dirt, it is more advisable to apply pure water at room temperature.

More conventional brushes or brooms should not be used to maintain wooden decks in summer or winter, as indicated by most experts.

Need to Remove Crusts

Since it is almost maintenance-free or an old, practically abandoned structure, the deck has slime and crusts with dirt that is difficult to remove with a simple cleaning.

In these cases, it can be useful to use high precision washers, including on-deck Cumaru raja do, a method that cleans without degrading the composition of the wood.

Beware Of Ornaments.

Pumpkins make a great decoration for the Halloween party, but when left to decay, they develop mould stains.

Clean all seasonal decorations, tidy vases, and keep furniture clean.

If temperatures permit, it is also a good idea to wash your deck.

Maintenance of Wood Decks and Natural Landscaping

Plants that are too close to the deck surface can cause rot, moss and mould growth. That is why it's essential to keep everything pruned.

If, on the one hand, the surrounding trees provide great shade for your deck, the heavy rain weighs on the branches that fall and result in the need for new repairs.

Maintenance of Shiny Wood Decks

Even if daily maintenance is carried out with the utmost care and effort, one day, the Ipê decks, Cumaru decks or any other deck with quality solid wood will lose their shine.

The most traditional way of recovery is sanding again before reapplying a special varnish to make the wood shine. Please wait for it to dry for 1 or 2 days, and that's it!

To renew the wood on the deck, it is possible to use bleach after washing. Follow the directions on the label. Allow it to dry a few hours before allowing people traffic.

The Owner's Careful Look Values ​​the Good

Perform a thorough visual inspection of the wooden deck to look for damage or any problems that make human traffic unsafe.

Check the safety of the steps, replace any loose boards to inspect, tighten loose screws, file rough edges that can chip, and hammer nails out of place.

No need to look for nails if you have a wood deck installed with cleats. This product does not require hammering to be installed based on simple fittings.

Remove Loose or Rotten Decks

A poorly placed board on decks not only looks bad in aesthetics but can generate splinters. This is also a time to check for wood rot.

To remove a cracked or rotten plaque: First, you need to mark the damaged area. This helps by sizing the replacement point.

Wood rot grows in areas not visible to the eyes. So be sure to check under the deck and between the boards.

Then remove the nails or screws of the plate of the deck cracked or rotten.

Then install the replacement board or ruler.

Make sure nails or screws are secured in the wood before sanding.

Finishing Wood Deck Maintenance with a Golden Key

The last of the stages of care is to protect the deck, which can be done with wood guards.

By protecting, it is possible to make the renovation last longer together with the protection for the wood against the aggressions of time.

The most suitable protectors for this maintenance can restore the natural tones of the wood, including the Ipê Tabaco deck known for its luxurious tropical tones.

It can also work with paints and varnishes, although the coverage time is influenced not only by the quality of the products but also because of the average traffic of people in their daily lives.

Conclusion: Care and Wood Decking

As you can see after reading this article, there are no secrets and mysteries to maintaining a structure always brilliant as a movie set.

But it takes some work to benefit from a beautiful and durable wood, which is worth considering the impeccable glossy results on a professional level.

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