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Has your cellar reached saturation level and you have no more space available? Search immediately for the cellar clearing service closest to you on Imprendo.org, the new online platform that will put you in contact with thousands of service companies operating throughout the Italian territory. The Imprendo.org search engine is available to individuals, companies and public bodies in a totally free form.

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Anyone can use it in an immediate and simple way, it is in fact sufficient to indicate the Municipality of interest and start the search; in a few moments you will receive the list of the nearest specialized operators complete with all the contact details.

The cellars, as well as the attics of the houses, inevitably and inexorably tend towards clogging; we accumulate materials of the most disparate origins, disused sports equipment, old furniture, out of fashion clothes, toys and childhood memories that are automatically forgotten once the cellar door is closed. We realize how much stuff we have accumulated only when the space is really exhausted and we don't know how and where to put yet another family heirloom or the last case of wine to keep.

In these cases, which sooner or later will occur in any home, companies specialized in clearing cellars can come to our aid; after an accurate inspection, a clearing program is drawn up and the use of human resources and means (vans, forklifts and lifts) is estimated to carry out the works for the restoration of the premises quickly and effectively.

One of the main problems, consequent to the clearing of cellars , is the disposal of the large amount of waste that accumulates once the rooms are emptied; often it is bulky wastewhich cannot, and must not, be abandoned on the street but disposed of in an appropriate manner. There will also be an abundant amount of materials that can be recycled, such as glass, aluminum, plastic or steel. In these cases it is necessary to forward these precious materials to structures specialized in the recycling of materials.

By entrusting the clearing of cellars to a professional company, the latter will also deal with the disposal and disposal of bulky waste , recovering recyclable materials in full respect of the environment.

Basement Conversion Near Me

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