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In the process of reproducing images, reproduction on film or photos, so to speak, is not the only means of reproducing images. The canvas print is just one of the processes of development and execution of photographs that makes an image reproduced on fabric, then speaks in this case of textile printing.

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The print on canvas textile printing is nothing more than the application of colour on various types of fabrics to obtain as printing the designs defined on the chosen supports. The dyes are fixed and penetrate into the textile fibres, so as to guarantee durability over time, even if subjected to washing, temperature changes and rubbing.

The printing process, therefore, consists of applying colour to certain parts of the fabric with well-defined printing phases.
The types most used for printing on canvas are mainly four, of which the characteristics are briefly listed.

One is direct printing, so-called because the printed colours or dyes already contain in their mixture the mordants and fixatives necessary to keep them on the fabrics, so the design is fixed directly, sometimes with several printing passes.
Another type is printed with the mordant, that is the design is stamped on the fabric before dyeing, which will adhere only to the points treated by the mordant.

Reserve printing is another type. In fact, the design is printed on the fabric with the implementation of wax or other waterproofing materials, not allowing the subsequent dye to adhere to the printed surface.

Then there is also the discharge printing, which consists of the printing process by means of a bleaching agent that is printed on the already dyed fabric, which removes the background colour, finally creating the established design.

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