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Property management means that a building is cared for and maintained regularly. The property manager ensures that cleaning, gardening and renovation take place in the building. It benefits you as a private person or housing association who wants a clean, stylish and well-maintained property.

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Property management

If you are looking for property management Near You, it can be useful to know a little about everything a property manager can help with. The selection of services in property management is quite extensive. Regardless of what kind or needs your association or property may have, there is probably a property manager who can offer services for these needs. Due to the fact that the different management assignments are different in nature and degree of difficulty, a large number of property managers choose to focus on a specific type of management. The clearest categories in property management are property and garden management as well as financial and technical management.


A trustee who provides financial management can help you with the property or tenant-owner association's general financial planning – with things like current accounting, budget, rental, rental notices plus associated legal assistance that relates to real estate or tenant-owner associations. In addition to financial management, the vast majority of property management services related to property management.

Typical services in property management are cleaning and maintenance work, such as technical management that includes installation of electricity and plumbing, as well as some and inspections, are included.

If you seek help with cleaning service with cleaning stairwells, office or association premises, there are property managers who provide such services. Or maybe if your property or tenant-owner association would need gardening, such as clearing snow or raking leaves, there are a lot of companies to choose from.

Regardless of whether you want help with electrical work, cleaning, accounting, facade renovation or gardening for your brief or property, there is hopefully a property management Near You that can cover your needs!

Description Tax and tax advice


There tax and fiscal consultancy it can only be exercised by professionals duly registered in the register, such as accountants and lawyers.
Tax advice is usually exercised in fields such as l” direct, indirect and substitute taxation; the topics related to this area are clearly the IRPEG (corporate income tax), IRAP (regional tax on productive activities), IRPEF (tax on personal income), VAT (tax added value), the Capital gain (capital gain, understood as the difference between the sale and purchase price of a given financial instrument such as, for example, shares).

The cfiscal and tax onsulence obviously also includes assistance for tax disputes, and for the preparation of appeals before the tax commissions, updating on developments in tax and tax legislation, procedures and recurring tax practices, information on international conventions against double taxation, and advice on tax litigation and tax planning.

In particular, the international conventions against double taxation are the instrument launched by international politics to prevent a single person from being subjected to double taxation: that is, they prevent an income from being subjected to both the taxation of the country in which it was produced and of the country in which the person who produced it is resident.
Tax consultancy, on the other hand, concerns all aspects of direct and indirect taxation for individual and collective companies, associations and entities.

In particular, the tax advice deals with annual tax returns for individuals and legal persons, for companies, businesses etc; the calculation of advance payments and personal income tax balances; IRES; IRAP, VAT; the opening and closing of VAT numbers; the compilation of statutory and fiscal financial statements; periodic payments and annual VAT returns; the declarations of withholding agents; the valuations of final inventories in the warehouse; ICI declarations with the preparation of bulletins and the fulfilment of indirect taxes, such as those of registration, stamp duty, inheritance, etc.

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