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If you need to replace a presence detector, a faulty sensory device, a camera, an optical barrier or carry out periodic maintenance of alarm systems, this is the right section. Here, in fact, there is all the information relating to the companies that maintain the security systems of homes, condominiums, companies and public buildings. With a simple search, Imprendo will put you in contact with them and will give you the opportunity to ask them for intervention estimates that will be processed in a short time.

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Description of Alarm System Maintenance

All alarm systems on the market today leverage and increasing use of technology thanks to which on the one hand they are more efficient and on the other hand they are able to guarantee, with greater precision, safety and protection and therefore respond to the real needs of customers.

From anti-theft and anti-intrusion systems that can be used as automatic gates, video surveillance cameras, up to fire and gas leakage alarm systems that use automatic alarm systems, all systems require routine maintenance, which must always guarantee their perfect functioning and an extraordinary one that can intervene in case of breakdown, technological innovation or structural changes to the environments affected by the alarm systems.

Thanks to Imprendo you will find a team of professionals in the sector specialized in maintenance, at regular intervals, who will scrupulously and carefully check every single component of the system – among other control units, radio controls, detectors, switches – and will replace all those parts possibly damaged by normal wear or by atmospheric agents.


Description Alarm systems

The safety of one's home, workplace and in general the places we frequent is of fundamental importance. This is the place if you are looking for information on alarm systems . Imprendo is in fact the service that allows you in a few seconds to have an exhaustive picture of the companies that design, install and maintain these effective tools that guarantee us safety. Thanks to Imprendo it will therefore be possible to request up to 6 free estimates from companies specialized in the sector so that you can sleep peacefully and protect your assets.

There are many types of alarms : from wired or wireless anti-theft to anti-intrusion ones, from video surveillance with CCTV cameras to remote control up to fire alarm systems, flooding and gas leaks with automatic extinguishing systems or alarm sirens for evacuation, these systems monitor us and our assets, warn us in case of danger and therefore improve the quality of our life.

The alarm systems are divided into internal and external.
The former consist of motion sensors installed inside a room, a home or an office; this means that there are detections of the presence only of people who have already entered the environment. The sensory devices are installed near the windows – such as the cable detectors for roller shutters – ensuring the safety of the inhabited perimeter thanks also to the technology used: control units, control and management of remote commands, radio controls and detectors.

The external alarm systemsthey must be designed and installed following the layout and structure of the rooms. They are activated before any intrusion or security problem, they use control systems with cameras, optical barriers, protections installed on grilled structures or pre-existing gates.

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