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Do you need to wisely combine functionality and space, safety and brightness with the fixtures of your home? Do you need an opening onto your garden or terrace, but don't want to opt for a simple door? Then the solution that best suits your needs is undoubtedly the use of French windows.

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What are French windows? What makes them different, precisely, from doors and windows? The peculiarity of French windows is that they unite, without losing their functionality, the door and the window, making them a single frame. The result is a partition that separates the external environment from the internal one and gives brightness to the room.

The French windows they are mainly divisible into hinged or sliding French windows, which in turn can be divided into retractable sliding doors or sliding flush with the wall. French windows, especially those used on the ground floor and which give to private outdoor areas, such as gardens or terraces, often have a sliding form.
In the choice of French windows, some factors should mainly affect the quality, sizes and types, as well as safety features.

With regard to safety standards, what has the greatest impact is undoubtedly the type of glass used in French windows. The latter, if of good quality, of the right size and in compliance with technical characteristics for safety, will represent an excellent protective barrier from the outside. Finally, the French windows must have safety devices such as anti-intrusion closures and shatterproof glass.

For the whole range of French windows it is then possible to choose aluminum, wood or PVC profiles, according to your tastes and the desired style. 

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