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How much does it cost to tile the bathroom?

  • Labour: the average cost of hiring a bricklayer is around £20 – £35/ h
  • Debris removal: the cost of removing debris from a bathroom will depend on its size. The average price is generally around £65 per bag of rubble. 
  • Type of tiles: both the material and the size of the tile will influence the final price of the job. Thus, the price may be increased by 15% – 25% depending on the type of tile that is chosen. Some tile prices are as follows:  
    • Ceramic tiles:  £30 / m² approximately
    • Stoneware tiles:  £35 / m² approximately. 
    • Hydraulic tile:  £60 / m² approximately. 
    • Tile:  £40 / m² approximately . 
    • Stone tile:  £50 – £80 / m² approximately. 
  • Total surface: the larger the surface to be tiled, the higher the cost will also be. For example, tiling an entire bathroom of about 10 m² has an average cost of about £3,000. However, if only the shower or bath area is tiled, this cost will be reduced to £800. In the case of tiling the entire bathroom, but only half a wall, the price will be around £1,800 approximately.
  • Other jobs: other additional jobs also influence the final cost of a bathroom renovation. The replacement of toilets can be around £750 – £1,300. Change the installation of the bathroom plumbing for around £600. While the installation of a skirting board on the bathroom floor is around £300.


Frequently asked questions when tiling a bathroom

Can tiles be laid on top of previously installed tiles?

If possible. In fact, it is one of the options to reduce construction time and labour costs. However, it has certain disadvantages:

  • If the bathroom is small, it is not advisable to lose those millimetres between walls.
  • In the event of a major plumbing failure, two layers will have to be raised instead of one.

Another interesting option is the installation of adhesive tiles, after a levelling layer of primer, as an alternative to tiling the walls and facilitating bathroom renovations.

What permits are necessary to tile a bathroom?

Having the necessary legal documentation to carry out the reform is not only recommended but necessary. Although the tiling of a bathroom does not require a significant reform, it is necessary to have the  Prior Communication of Works document. This guarantees to be able to carry out the works that have been planned and avoid complaints due to the debris of the materials or noise. If the reform is carried out in a building with a neighbourhood community, it is recommended that the president of the same be notified as well. Thus, a record of the work to be carried out is left and a notification is given of the neighbourhood nuisances that it may entail.

This matter always depends on the city council and the community in which the reform is made. But it almost always implies that the actions to be carried out do not affect the building's façade or structuring elements and foundations. You can request an express license that does not take a lot of time and that guarantees that everything is done under the umbrella of legality. 

How much does the labour cost to tile a bathroom?

The cost of labour in the bathroom tiling is about £15 / m² to tile and grout the tiles on a plastered wall. If it is necessary to prepare the wall or chip the existing tiles, the price will go up another £10 – £15 / m². In these cases it is often necessary to add the cost of clearing rubble to authorized landfills: disposing of a rubble bag can cost around £65.

Thus, the cost of labour to tile a 5 m² bathroom can amount to £800 – £900.

How long does it take to tile a bathroom?

It depends on several factors such as the size of the bathroom and the tiles used. In general, this is a job that usually takes approximately 3-5 days

What is better, tiling or painting a bathroom?

It depends on each case. In areas where the humidity and presence of water are abundant (for example a shower or bathtub), it will always be better to opt for tiling. While in parts where the humidity is lower, you can choose to paint and save some money on the reform. 

On average, tiling a bathroom will cost approximately £40 / m². While painting it will cost approximately £25 / m², since, to paint a bathroom, it is important to use special paint with water-repellent characteristics that ensure its durability in this type of room. 

What type of tiles is best for bathroom flooring?

In general, tiles have a high resistance to shocks or heavy foot traffic. For example, stoneware tiles, stone tiles or also hydraulic tile

What to consider before tiling the bathroom

Steps to tile a bathroom

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