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Find out about the main services related to the repair of a bathroom box and the average prices to carry them out:

Repair of lower or upper shower stall beaters

Box knockers are materials made of rubber, which serve to prevent friction between the door and some other material during its opening or closing. When the doors fail to close, it will be necessary to repair lower or higher flaps to align and firm. The glazier who will repair will charge around £30.00 per hour of work.

Bathroom box pulley repair

The pulleys of a shower box are used for sliding doors. Over time, this material may need to be repaired due to its wear, which can cause jammed doors and, consequently, shorter service life for the box. The box pulley repair will depend on the installation model in which the box was made, with an average price of £100.00.

Bathroom shower leak problems

Water leakage from the shower does not necessarily have to be linked to water accumulation beyond the shower area. Often, signs of stains on the wall paint, peeling paint, grouts and floors peeling off easily are major problems and should serve as justification for repairing a shower stall. The average price for repairing a box related to leakage problems can range from £200.00 to £1,000.00, depending on the seriousness of the problem.

Swinging shower box

The swinging box is a big factor in inbox repair. Its movement in an unusual way can cause serious accidents, and as soon as this problem is identified, the box repair service must be requested. The average price to adjust the excess box balance is around £150.00.

Repairs for different models of shower box and their prices

  • Sliding shower box Sliding shower
    two sheets form the box, usually made of glass. One fixed and one that runs through the rails and pulleys at the top of the door. Pulleys and rails, as well as the door leaf, can deteriorate over time and need repair. The average cost to repair a sliding box is around £580.00, considering the exchange of parts for the sliding system. 
  • Openable shower
    box The openable shower box has a hinge system, with the most common opening outwards. The main part of repairing a box with a door is the hinge, which can rust or break. The average price for repairing an open box is approximately £230.00.
  • Angled
    shower box Also known as a corner box, this box model is often used in smaller bathrooms to take advantage of space. The angled box can present problems such as mould accumulated in the corners and grout or problems with the fluidity of opening the door. The repair of a corner box has an average cost of £200.00.
  • Articulated shower
    Box with the hinged opening is more suitable for smaller spaces due to its articulated mode that tends to have a structure that occupies a smaller area. These types of boxes can suffer from leakage problems, and repair by a specialized professional is recommended. The average price to be invested in repairing an articulated box is around £780.00.
  • Bathtub box
    Like a glass curtain, the bathtub box works as a barrier to prevent water from wetting the bathroom floor. The average price for repairing a bathtub box is around £180.00.
  • Shower box for wheelchair users
    The shower boxes adapted for wheelchair users are designed for full opening of their doors, ensuring access for people with disabilities. As they have more sheets of glass, there is a need for the pulleys and the lower and upper beaters to work better. The repair of a box for wheelchair users can cost £600.00.

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