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Do you want to become a General Accounting Technician?

If you are interested in this sector on the portal you will find all the most professional accounting management courses divided by region. These courses are aimed at those who would like to work in the administrative-accounting sector and to those who already carry out tasks within a company in personnel administration.

If you already have rudiments in accounting and business organization, surely the course in accounting management will be easier for you, but there are no requirements whose possession is essential for participation in this type of courses.

During the accounting management courses, insights will be provided on topics such as: introduction to accounting principles based on the different accounting regimes (ordinary and simplified), double entry, the financial statements, the trial balance and accounting sheets, the minutes corporate budget, the budget analyzed in its various forms, i.e. economic, business and sales budgets, the financial planning and management control process, cost accounting and product costing, the analysis of the corporate budget in based on the three distinct indices: ROS (return of sale: indicating the incidence of typical operating costs on business management), ROI (return on investment: indicating the profitability deriving from the capital invested during business management), and ROE (return on equity: indicating the profitability of the capital belonging to the company), the recording of invoices.

At the end of the course and after having taken the related exam you will have all the tools to manage the accounting of a company, to carry out a budget analysis, draw up a budget, or a business plan. You will be to all intents and purposes the accounting technicians.

And if you are already a technical expert in accounting and you just want to acquire the new IT tools to improve your work, you can attend special courses on online accounting on the newest software in the accounting sector.

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An accountant is involved in structuring, arranging and managing a company's finances. A company's financial listing involves, among other things, vouchers, annual financial statements, balance sheets and income statements and a monthly report.

The accountant uses materials such as payment information, vouchers, balances, payment notices and payment notices to structure all information in a regular and planned order. The accounting is usually done jointly with a company's accounts.

The accounting work is about the information about a company's financial position and results (ie the accounting) being reported and compiled. If you have a company, it can be a great advantage to take the help of an accountant, as all financial organizations, limited companies and trading companies have an obligation to keep accounts.

There are many places that can be engaged by your accounting. If you need to borrow money to invest in your business, it is important for your bank to make sure your finances are secure. The UK Tax Agency and various suppliers are also interested in your information on earnings and possible dots. Of course, you as an entrepreneur can handle your accounting personally, as there are some minor advantages to this compared to hiring a professional accounting expert. This applies to you who have a great interest and a lot of time left over for paperwork and administration.

If you like to have a full overview of your business' business position and want to save on your expenses, it can also be an idea to handle this work yourself. However, you must consider that it is important to have knowledge of the various regulations and standards that apply in the subject of financial accounting. Therefore, it can be of great importance to hire an accountant who is aware of all this, including the Income Tax Act, the VAT Tax Act and the tax consequences of various business events. By business, event is meant a financial transaction that has another party and that affects the financial status of your company. The transaction is counted as a business event if it can be registered and is usually a replacement, sale or a subscription of a loan.

Please note that all accounting documents concerning the company's finances, such as agreements, accounting books and USB sticks, must be kept intact for ten years. It is worth pointing out that you can also have great help from a correct and well-structured accounting when it comes to setting goals for your business. With clear overviews and fact statements, it is easier to establish a business plan and estimate and work towards a specific financial calculation.

he accounting reconstructions are those operations aimed at reconstructing the data contained in the accounting statements that are part of the financial statements, that is, the data contained in the balance sheet and income statement of a company. These accounting reconstructions are necessary in the event, for example, of bankruptcy or bankruptcy of the company.
The state of insolvency produced by a bankruptcy situation, which must be certified by a bankruptcy court, and which consists in the inability of the entrepreneur to honor the commitments made both in terms of normal payments and as regards the obligations at set deadlines, can be further aggravated by a fraudulent action bankruptcy.

Failure involves one insolvency procedure which, through the necessary accounting reconstructions, allows to identify all creditors, who are in an equal position unless there are pre-emptions such as pledges or mortgages. Accounting reconstructions thus serve to ensure that all creditors see their economic entitlement resolved; an amount that the entrepreneur in a state of insolvency is no longer able to satisfy.
Payments take place after the bankruptcy trustee proceeds with the liquidation of the bankruptcy assets and the subsequent distribution of the residual assets.

The accounting reconstructions they are fundamental in these delicate processes, as the entrepreneur can also maliciously steal part of the assets, thus invalidating the possibility of creditors being compensated.
If this operation takes place, which can only be identified through a correct accounting reconstruction, the crime of bankruptcy is configured. In turn, bankruptcy can be classified as fraudulent, when there has been conscience and willingness to commit willful misconduct, or simple bankruptcy, that is, when the damage was committed through recklessness, negligence or inexperience. In any case, the accounting reconstruction of the company's financial statements establishes the characteristics of the bankruptcy.

However, there may also be cases in which the entrepreneur, in order to avoid the vision of the accounting records and the related accounting reconstruction operation, destroy all documents in its possession, steal or falsify them. Conduct that prevents creditors from being able to exercise their rights, and which is considered a crime and punished on the basis of Article 10 of Legislative Decree 74 of 2000.

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