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We wanted to make hiring local services as easy as booking airfare online — but when we started looking around, the market for professionals wasn't organized at all. It's not just that there weren't any great digital tools making it possible to connect directly with service providers. In some cases, problems were created by companies providing those digital platforms themselves – which either had too much friction or didn't scale well enough — and often both!     

So we set out to build a mapping technology platform that would allow us to integrate our marketplace with hundreds of other local services – home maintenance and repair, plumbing and remodelling, painting and flooring – to give consumers a seamless and easy experience.  

Today over 2 million people have used Near Me to hire local professionals

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Near Me

Since 2020

The result is an online platform that puts every local professional in a city in one place, so they can find the right person for whatever they need to get done at the moment – without having to go searching all over town or dealing with lots of different providers who may not be available when you actually want them. And it's really cheap too! Our business model enables us to take out a lot of the costs associated with traditional service providers — expensive office spaces, large marketing budgets (the Yellow Pages!) and layers of high-paid executives (headhunters!). That means we can pass our savings on to consumers — making home services more affordable than ever before.   

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