The cost of website design in the UK averages £400 to £995. The total cost of your job will depend on the type of work and the complexity the web design services you require. When you hire a web designer your website will benefit from their expertise and specialised skills. For a more extensive look at the various factors influencing the cost of web design read below.

Web Design Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £400
UK National Maximum Cost £995
UK National Average Cost £500
Average Range £400 – £995

Included in This Price Guide

Considerations When Hiring a Website Designer

Have you found yourself wondering, why do I need a website? One of the top reasons you need a website is that it's a great way to reach customers and share information with them about your business. Whether you already have a site that needs updates or you need to create one, a web designer or web design agency can help.

There are a lot of different types of web design services. Take some time to figure out what your site should do and what it should look like. Knowing this before you start the search can help you find the right web designer.

For more information on the benefits of web design read this article.

Your Goals For Creating A Website

If you haven't yet put your business online, you need to build your website! A website helps you look credible and trustworthy. It's also a great way to show off your work or product line.

Your existing site may need some work. Don't let your business information get out of date. Make sure you keep it current with regular maintenance. Updating information is a simple change.

If you do have an old site, it might need a complete overhaul. You'll want a current, modern site that reflects well on your business or personal brand. Plan to upgrade your site as website technology advances.

Type of Website

With many types of websites available, consider what's best for your needs. Remember that you can combine different elements to create a perfect responsive web design. Share information with your customers through an industry-related blog as well as your business' details. Make sure it is also easy for customers to contact you.

An e-commerce website can help if you plan to sell your products online. You may also want a personal website for blogging or to promote your personal brand. These types of sites are a great tool for your job search. You can host an online portfolio on your site or even link to your social media accounts.

Type of Content & Website Layout

A website’s structure usually includes both written and visual content. A web designer works with both types to create beautiful websites.

Visual content includes both commercial images and design elements. This could be the header in your design, product photos, logo designs or images of your storefront. A designer will work out the best way to display these images to make your site interesting and engaging.

Written information about your business is also important. Include a description of your business, your hours, or your pricing structure.

Blogs are another great way to add meaningful content to attract visitors. Some designers may also offer writing services so be sure to ask.

How Long do Custom Web Design Services Take?

Building a new website from scratch can take some time. Your freelance web designer will need to focus on developing a layout. Then, they will need to create written and visual content for the site alongside the web pages. Once you've approved everything, your site can be published.

Your web designer might need to research into your business too. Provide them with background information or promotional material to help with this process.

Building or redesigning a website can take a while to complete. Your website's timeline will vary depending on the design's complexity.

Minor edits or updates are often completed on the same day you send them to your designer.

Experience Building a Website

Your freelance web designers should have both in-depth knowledge of websites and experience working on them. Website technology is constantly changing. Make sure you also check to see that they've kept up with their knowledge.

Ask to see samples of their professional web design work for previous clients. Look for the things you want for your site. If they have e-commerce sites in their portfolio, you know they have the qualifications to create your website.

You can also ask for reviews from their previous clients. Reviews will give you a better idea of what your web designer is like to work with. Previous clients may share thoughts on pricing and impressions of the final product.

Location – Hire an Online Web Designer or In-Person

You won't always need to find a freelance web designer close by. As they work online with electronic files, you can find the perfect website designer online, no matter where you are.

Remember that the designer's hourly rate is calculated based on the cost of living in their area. If it seems higher or lower than you'd expect, look at their location.

When looking to hire a freelance web designer in the UK bigger cities like London generally have a higher cost of living that will inflate these costs. If you're looking for web design services in London, keep in mind that while costs may be higher than elsewhere in the UK, if you are in the local area their rates will be in keeping with a cost of living you are familiar with.

Cost Comparison of Popular Website Services

Along with online web page design, your website can also benefit from a wide variety of professional services. On Near Me you can find professionals who specialise in everything! Easily look for web developers who can optimise seo for your web designs to web content writers who can populate your pages with bespoke content that engages customers.

Website Services Median Hourly Rate
Web Design £40
Web Content Writing £20
Web Development £35
Web Hosting £28
Web Programming £30
Product Photography £75

Getting Ready to Hire UK Web Design Services

Putting together a website can be complicated. With the help of a web design company, you won't have to worry about learning how to do it for yourself.

Building a custom website will make sure you stand out from the competition. When working with a web designer, you'll get the website of your dreams. Would an online store help your business? Hire a web designer to build it!

Are you ready to build a new website? Near Me can help. Just answer a few questions about the kind of site you want and how many pages you think you'll need. Then submit a free request to receive bids including the cost of web design services from professionals in the UK. Before you know it you'll have the best website built by the best web design companies in the UK to make your business stand out.