Nationally, the average cost of graphic design is £60 to £180. Graphic design rates are generally influenced by the experience of the designer and the extent of the graphic design project, as well as the type of project.

Graphic Design Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £60
UK National Maximum Cost £180
UK National Average Cost £100
Average Range £60 – £180

Included in This Price Guide

Why is Graphic Design Important?

Graphic design is essential for many businesses. From your logo to your advertisements, it’s important that you have a professional look that grabs attention. But if you don’t have a graphic designer on your team, rest assured. You can hire a graphic designer for any project to get the work you need to be completed.

Perhaps you have an existing business that needs marketing materials to help promote and advertise. Or you may be starting a brand new business with several graphic design projects in mind to establish your branding. No matter what project you have in mind, working with a graphic designer will guarantee you have the designs you need to succeed.


Before you hire a graphic designer, you will need to ensure you have the right pro for your needs. They need to have the right experience and specialise in the type of graphic design you are after. Outline your request as clearly as possible to ensure you have the right person at the right price.

Graphic Design Medium

Before your designer starts on your project, they will need to know the pertinent details. Will they be working to create something that will be printed, or are you looking for a digital design? Maybe you hope something can be created to use in both areas. Whatever it is, you need to communicate this to your designer so it can be created properly.

Logos and other branding are typically used in both print and digital pieces. How else will someone know that it is your business? When you indicate you need a logo designed, make sure to communicate what your needs are to get the right results.

Digital art may include items built for social media, websites, or digital displays. It even includes presentations that you may use for your business communications! Since these items won’t need to be printed, they are not created in large, ready-to-print formats.

Printed promotional materials include items like posters, cards, and other artwork. This needs to be vibrant and colourful to catch attention, and often can be more complex than something that would be used online. Your graphic designer will also ensure that they send art to you in a high-quality format that is ready to print so you can simply send it to your printing service. There is no need for complex conversions when you indicate what you need from the start.

Goal For Design

Graphic design can achieve many things. So when you work with a professional designer, you will know that your business will make great gains thanks to this attention. If you are just starting out with a new business, gaining brand awareness is essential. Good and eye catching graphic design is a perfect way of finding potential customers and letting them know your business is now out there.

Or perhaps you have been in business for quite some time. You will know that it is essential to have marketing materials at the ready to help promote. From printed cards to email, graphic design is the best way to ensure everything your business does has a professional look that supports your overall brand.

At other times, you may wish to get attention for a specific event. Perhaps you are having a grand opening and want lots of clients and customers to help you celebrate. This can work for both retail locations or opening a new office location. Or you are having a fantastic new sale and you want all of your customers to know. With the right graphic design piece, you are sure to get the right people in your store when you need them.

Complexity of Project

Your graphic designer will also need to know how detailed your project is intended to be. The complexity of the project will certainly influence how much it costs to put together, so you will want to get an accurate quote to figure out your budget.

Occasionally, this can be worked out by the size of your project. A brochure with several pages is more complex than a simple poster and will take more time to put together, driving up your cost. However, this is not a rule. It will depend on how many elements you have in your graphic design. If your graphic designer is creating a new logo, for example, this will take much longer than working with existing logos or graphics.

Outline your project as best you can for more accurate pricing information. Sometimes, this may include some communication with a graphic designer to discern how complex a project actually is. Your sketch could seem simple to you, but putting it together could be quite an endeavour for your designer! Remember that this may include several iterations of the design to bring a vision to life, so it can take longer for more complex requests.

Experience of Graphic Designer

Before you hire a graphic designer to handle your project, you will need to examine their qualifications and experience. Most graphic designers will list how many years they have been working and the type of software they are working with. They may even list the type of work they specialise in, like logos or websites! This will help you discern if a pro will be a good fit for your project.

A good graphic designer will have a portfolio on their website. Take a look through these samples of previous work to see if you like their capabilities. It should make you excited to see the polished and professional renditions of their pieces! If their style matches your vision, you will have a much better working relationship.

Make sure to also check for reviews of a graphic designer’s work. Previous clients will share their delight about a working relationship, especially when a pro has gone above and beyond their expectations and truly wowed them with the end result. You will want to see this type of review so you know you have a professional you can trust.

Ongoing Project or One Time?

The needs of your business can vary, so you will want to find a pro that can work with you on your terms. Most pros will accept single projects, delivering a fantastic product that fits with existing branding guidelines. Or they can help you work out what your brand needs!

But you may need a graphic designer for multiple projects and want to establish a good working relationship with a single pro. Many graphic designers will accept work on an ongoing basis from a single client. Ask your designer how much time they can allot to your projects to ensure they can meet your deadlines before you commit.


A great graphic designer does not need to be located close by. Thanks to email and digital file formats, your pro can work from anywhere! This can be helpful when you are not able to set aside time to travel to a graphic designer’s office or have them come to you. It can also keep travel costs down.

But if you are the type of person who likes to meet face-to-face, you are certainly welcome to search for a local pro. Plus, when you work with a local, you know that their rates are set according to the local cost of living. This ensures no surprises in the quoted rate, since it will be in line with your local area. They may also be able to recommend printing services if you need help locating one.

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Great graphic design starts with a great graphic designer.  Whether you are looking for a single piece or have multiple designs in mind, you will want to find someone who you can trust. Where do you start looking?

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